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We all grew up with Disney movies. They bring joy and put a smile on our faces! That's why we love them and we can't wait for new movies to be released. Today, we're going to check out some amazing Disney cosplays from D23 Expo! Woo- hoo!

5. Air-Hercs - Hercules 1997

These amazing scandals inspired from the movie Hercules are sure to make you smile! (Source)

4. Hades - Hercules (1997)

Remember the God of the underworld? Well, here he is! An amazing cosplay! Wow! (Source)

3. Rapunzel, Rapunzel... - Tangled (2010)

If you saw the movie Tangled, then you know who I'm talking about! This woman did a truly amazing ''Rapunzel'' cosplay! Don't believe me? Check out the image below:

Shocked? I told you! (Source)

2. Megara - Hercules (1997)

I bet all of you loved her in Hercules and now she's here in the real world! This ''Megara'' cosplay will make you consider whether or not Disney characters are fairytales or real! (Source)

1. Loki - Thor (2011)

This is a perfect cosplay! I love it! Loki as a woman! Genius! Now I have to watch Thor again! (Source)

These were 5 fantastic Disney cosplays! And all of them were absolutely stunning! I hope you like them!



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