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There's no denying Pixar Animation Studios has come a long way since their small beginnings way back in 1986, and over the weekend some magic makers from the studio appeared at a panel at the D23 Expo to give some insight into their much beloved films.

The 'Pixar Secrets Revealed' panel was hosted by Pixar senior development executive Mary Coleman, and involved producer Darla K. Anderson (Coco), director Mark Andrews (Brave), director Dan Scanlon (Monsters University), and director Ronnie Del Carmen (Inside Out).

Take a look at some of the top facts we were given about some of the most iconic animated films of recent times:

1. Buzz Lightyear looks the way he does because of John Lasseter & his wife

Toy Story director John Lasseter revealed that the reason Buzz Lightyear's two main colors are green and purple are because they're his and wife, Nancy's favorite colors!

2. Bing Bong wasn't Riley's only imaginary friend

While we met Riley's lovable imaginary friend Bing Bong in Inside Out, it turns out that originally there were going to be many more, including one named Mrs. Scribbles! In the end Bing Bong made the cut as he was needed to move the film forward, to act as a mirror to Joy's character, making her realize childhood is temporary.

RIP Mrs. Scribbles, never forget.

3. Dean Abigail Hardscrabble was originally male

Originally Monsters University's Dean Hardscrabble was going to be an overweight male monster - something closer to the Monsters, Inc. character Mr. Waternoose. However at the last minute the character was changed to a more slender female one!

4. Remy once had a huge family

That's right, Remy the cooking rat originally had a pretty big family who were conceived as supporting characters in Ratatouille. Unfortunately for Remy's relatives, they were scrapped after it was noted that they didn't do anything to advance the overall story of the movie. Sorry, Remy!

5. Charles Muntz was going to be involved in a plot twist

In the original script for Up there was going to be a great plot twist when Charles Muntz was going to be revealed to be Muntz's evil nephew!

6. Woody was originally going to be a mega jerk

Darla K. Anderson revealed that in an attempt to " do something different and edgy, and different than any animated film," the character of Woody was originally written as a big meanie! Thankfully the team behind the film realized Woody should be a much more endearing character and with a few changes he became the Cowboy we all know and love today.

7. Brave was originally going to be a bit more Frozen-esque

That's right, the story of our favorite Scottish princess was originally going to be set in a snow-covered world! Director Mark Andrews said that after "years and years" of work by special effects artists to create snow for the film, the idea was ultimately scrapped.

8. Toy Story was going to include a horror film reference!

Yep, Toy Story was going to include a reference to The Shining! Toward the end of the film, the script had called for a little doll to rise out of the sandbox and say "redrum." The sequence was actually fully animated and ready for post-production. However it was ditched after Pixar realized they hadn't cleared the rights with Warner Bros first, oops! The team can obviously look back on it and laugh now, with Mary Coleman adding that "it’s one of my favorite stories. It shows our naiveté, our love of inside jokes and the other animators."

For all those interested, the doll ended up saying "mama" as she rose from the sand.

9. The Pixar Theory isn't a thing

Despite the internet going nuts for Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory, directors Mark Andrews and Ronnie del Carmen have refuted the whole thing. When asked about the theory at D23, Andrews replied "it's not true - come on!" Del Carmen then chimed in to add “do you know what kinds of meetings we’d have to have to make sure all our movies line up?!” Fair point!

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