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If you want to get an early look at highly anticipated upcoming blockbusters, don't waste time sneaking around sets or trying to make out details in blurry photos. No. That's a fool's game. All you really need to do is simply wait until LEGO release images of their upcoming franchise tie-in sets.

LEGO often release images of their sets long in advance of a movie's release, and often they can give us a blocky glimpse of some of the vehicles and characters we can expect to see in the upcoming movie. Take for example these seven sets which appear to show a range of vehicles from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Some of them we've seen before in the various trailers, however a couple are new to our Star Wars-obsessed eyes. The images come from the Star Wars Forever twitter and we can assume they were recently released at last weekend's D23 expo. Remind yourself of the trailer, and then check out the LEGO sets below:

Rey's Speeder

Rey's Speeder has featured prominently in the two Star Wars: Episode VII trailers we've seen thus far, but this LEGO set also reveals one extra detail - some kind of character called 'Unkar's (or perhaps Unicar's) Thug'. Presumably, this is some kind of low-level antagonist met by Rey on Jakku.

First Order Snowspeeder

We've previously seen some Star Wars: Episode VII images which appear to show a First Order base in a snowy climate and I think it's fair to assume these vehicles are part of its arsenal. As well as showing off the snowtroopers, we also see the snowspeeder has some kind of laser-miniguns, which would relatively unique in the Star Wars universe - as far as I know.

Millennium Falcon

No LEGO Star Wars line up would be complete without the Millennium Falcon. This set seems to also come with two antongists who chase the Falcon with some fairly antiquated looking firearms. Rival smugglers or scrap dealers of some sort?

Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

We've seen Kylo Ren's fancy lightsaber, but is also looks like he knows how to get around in style. Kylo's personal shuttle is bristling with guns and also seems to include some kind of folding wing ability.

Poe's X-Wing Fighter

J.J. Abrams has explained that Poe Dameron's personalized X-Wing is black and orange for a special reason, although he has yet to elaborate. However, this LEGO set seems to suggest Poe uses the newly introduced BB-8 droid as his flight buddy, which is news to me.

First Order Transporter

The trailer features a scene with a group of Stormtroopers disembarking some kind of personnel carrier, which I think we can assume is this. This 'transporter,' clearly influenced by the landing craft of World War II, also packs a punch and appears to come with special First Order Flametroopers and Captain Phasma.

First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

What would be the point of X-Wings if there were no TIE Fighters to shoot down? The TIE Fighter has also made several appearances in the trailers, but this LEGO set could be one of our best (albeit LEGO-y) look at the iconic craft yet. For the most part, the First Order's TIE fighters seem similar to the Empire's, although they do show off a new black and red colour scheme.

It is believed the sets will all release on 'Force Friday,' a special Star Wars marketing day set for September 4th, 2015. Unfortunately, there are still no details on the pricing of any of these sets.



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