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I was always absolutely terrified of Willy Wonka as a child, and this filthy hidden joke by the author, Roald Dahl, has revealed that the character was even more of a sadistic wrongun' than I could ever have possibly imagined.

Remember the scene where the kids are all having a whale of a time lapping up the fruity flavors of the wallpaper of your dreams? Well, it turns out the Snozzberry" has a lot to answer for...

While most of us thought that 'snozzberry' was simply a fictional fruit, Cracked has delved into the treasure trove of Dahl's deliciously dark, hilarious and wonderfully written adult books know and unearthed its other truly rude meaning.

In Dahl's 1979 book My Uncle Oswald, the author displayed his typically black sense of humor when he revisited the 'snozzberry' and made the iconic Charlie & the Chocolate Factory scene seem deeply unsavory.

The book centers around a madcap get-rich-quick scheme which involves Uncle Oswald and his foxy assistant, Jasmin Howcomely, seducing Europe's most famous men and selling condoms full of their spilled semen to women who wanted to have babies with the greatest minds available.

The term 'snozzberry' is introduced when Yasmin Howcomely tells Oswald about her boudoir encounter with Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw. The dialogue from the book reads:

"How did you manage to roll the old rubbery thing on him?"

"There's only one way when they get violent," Yasmin said. "I grabbed hold of his snozzberry and hung onto it like grim death and gave it a twist or two to make him hold still."


"Very effective."

"I'll bet it is."

"You can lead them around anywhere you want like that."

"I'm sure."

"It's like putting a twitch on a horse."


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written in 1964, 15 years before My Uncle Oswald revealed that the wallpaper was made to taste like wangs, which means that Roald Dahl very much wanted us to notice the unsavory repurposing of one of his most famous fictional words. In fact, the author had probably already seen the movie by the time he penned My Uncle Oswald, seeing as the Mel Stuart directed movie was released in 1971.

So, if you ever thought that Willy Wonka seemed like a weird sexual predator who was preying on unknowing children, you're probably right. The more you know...

Still wanna lick that wall paper?

(Source: Huffington Post via Cracked)


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