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Though SDCC '15 was as vibrant and incredible as ever, you can't help but feel that its light was unfortunately dulled a teeny tiny bit by Marvel's choice to lie low and let the extravaganza pass on by. But seeing as Marvel's parent company Disney's very own expo was lingering just around the corner, I guess it made perfect sense!

D23 was ablaze with reveals for the Disney family's most important IPs, ranging from whats happening over at Pixar, Lucasarts and the latest goods to come out of the halls of Marvel. And with an all new teaser trailer for Marvel's impending Civil War epic on show, you know things were bound to get messy!

As it stands, Disney and Marvel have no plans on releasing the footage, which sucks, but I'm guessing they have their own very good reasons for that. But luckily, lots of varying sources online have broken down the snippets of info that was displayed in the trailer...

And it sounds just as amazing as we had hoped it to be. Fancy learning some more about Civil War? Here take this:


And let's begin...

Captain America: Civil War Trailer

  • The trailer opens with Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow attempting to stop Crossbones (Frank Grillo) from exploding a truck in a heavily populated market area. We also get out first look at Falcon's robotic feathered friend "Redwing," a drone that pops out of his backpack.
Redwing & Falcon
Redwing & Falcon
  • Cap and 'Bones begin tussling with each other, with 'Bones dishing out some pretty brutal punches thanks to his robo-arms. Black Widow takes out 4 goons, as she does. And as Cap is about to deliver the finishing blow to 'Bones, the villain starts waxing lyrical about Bucky Barnes:
You know, he remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky
  • General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) starts talking in voiceover as Cap and his Avengers are walking through Avengers HQ:
The world owed you an unpayable debt. People see you as a hero. There are some who prefer the word vigilante—people are afraid.

Cap responds with:

This job, you try to save as many as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everyone.
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes
  • Cap's lines are played over images from the end scenes of The Winter Soldier. Then we move to an extended version of the post-credit scene from Ant-Man, where Bucky has been captured. Cap attempts to speak with him:
Bucky, do you know me? Your mother’s name was Sara.
Barnes and Rogers
Barnes and Rogers
  • Then onto a montage with voiceover! Cap and Bucky are strolling towards a snow bound bunker as someone asks:
What would you call a group of enhanced individuals who inflict their will anywhere their choose?
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch
  • We see Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Vision, Black Widow and other Avengers, as Cap retorts:
Sometimes the safest hands are still our own.
  • Enter Tony Stark, and his inimitable way with words, who is in heated conversation with Cap:
Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.
Rogers & Stark
Rogers & Stark

"We have no boundaries,” discusses Stark, “we’re no better than the bad guys.” “Is that how you see protection?” asks Cap, before we head into more montages and quick shots.

Black Panther
Black Panther
  • We (finally) see Black Panther and his retractable claws, Martin Freeman in a room surrounded by computers/monitors, but... no Spider-Man as of yet. Then someone asks Cap about their plan of action, to which he replies:
We fight.
Kinda like this...
Kinda like this...
  • Then we see Cap, Falcon, Bucky, Widow and others running across the tarmac of an airport runway, followed by some shots of fighting including Hawkeye attempting to choke Black Widow. "We're still friends right", she asks, to which Hawkeye replies:
Depends on how hard you hit me.
Super Friends?
Super Friends?
  • And then the trailer ends with Scott Lang/Ant-Man meeting Cap for the first time and being thoroughly star-struck. He fumbles over his words, and finally gets out:
I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me. Thanks for thinking of me.

And there we have it. It's an incredible sounding trailer and it's a damn shame that Marvel hasn't released it to the public yet, which would have been nice. But what is life without it's lovely little surprises, huh?

What do you think?

I can't wait to see this defining chapter in MCU history play out, and to see what my boys Black Panther and Spider-Man bring to the party. Why can't it be 2016 already?!

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