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Well guys, it's time for another fan casting. Reason being, I'm bored..! Could be watching cartoons or something but, hey I've been doing that all day. Anyway, we've all heard at this point that Chris Pine isn't going to be Hal Jordan in the DC saga that is to come, and most if not all of us must have been somewhat disappointed, he would've been great as Green Lantern, but hey that's the way it goes I guess. So, being that almost a month later we still have no word on whether they are even casting a new Hal Jordan, maybe they're leaning more towards Tyrese Gibson and his pushy Twitter insistence on wanting to play a Green Lantern.

But we all know they won't be getting Ryan Reynolds back anytime soon... He's busy with Deadpool and probably still pissed at DC and WB for what they did to his already semi-tarnished name (after that crappy Weapon XI we saw in Wolverine Origins), I doubt he'll ever be seen in green again...

So here are my 10 picks for actors who would be pretty cool to see as the next Hal Jordan on the big screen. As always, none of these pictures are owned by me, just got 'em of Google and put 'em together. Share own opinions below, and if you must argue try be polite about it and whatever. And away we go...

10. Nathan Fillion

Yes, so he's a bit older than what they're looking for most likely. But at 44 he's still is pretty good shape, he's got a great voice (and perfect hair, just sayin'..), he loves DC and the character, having played the voice of Jordan several times in the animated movie series, including two individual Green Lantern films. I think I could totally see Captain Hammer rockin' it up there with Batfleck and Cav-El..!

9. Joel Edgerton

Again, older, being 41, but this Aussie has really taken off in the last few years. He's been around in bit parts since 1996 but it wasn't until he was cast in George Lucas' Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones as young Owen Lars (Luke Skywalker's Uncle) that his career really took off. Having appeared in Ned Kelly, along side Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom, The Great Gatsby (along side Leo DiCaprio and Toby McGuire) and most recently he was Ramesses II in Ridley Scott's epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. Needless to say this guy deserves a chance to get up there and hold his own with the rest. I think he'd be a great Hal Jordan.

8. Paul Wesley

Ok, this this actor I don't know a whole lot about but he's not bad. He was in an episode of Smallville as Lex Luthor's younger half-brother Lucas and I have to say he was a convincing baddie, though I haven't seen any of his work in Vampire Diaries or anything else I can think of, but he has the look for the part, he's not a bad actor and at 33 he's probably a more likely candidate than some on this list...

7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

What to say about Jon Rhys Meyers, he's just great. He's been in a shitload of good stuff, and he's done well at all of it, from the time he played Elvis to Another Me with Sophie Turner last year he's showed us his range and talent. He's still in great shape at 38 and would make an excellent addition to the current line-up of super-stars on the bill for the next few years...

6. Ryan Gosling

Perhaps, well definitely in my own opinion, he would be better cast as a Green Arrow as apposed to a Lantern, but he really could go either way and make it work. Gosling has a lot of great work behind him, having been an actor since he was like 12.. But with his breakout performance in the Notebook there's no arguing his talent as an actor, and with gritty noir-action like Gangster Squad under his belt why wouldn't he make a great choice to be our new Hal Jordan?

5. Jake Gyllenhaal

Seems to be a the top pick of everyone since Chris Pine fell through, and why not. He's a worthy actor and he does bare a striking resemblance to Hal Jordan in certain comic and cartoon iterations. From his early work like Bubble Boy and Donnie Darko he's had a really great run as an actor and it may just be time for the 34 year old to step up to the big leagues, what say you all?

4. Armie Hammer

What a fucking name, right?! Army Hammer, sounds like some sort of giant indestructible hammer used by the military! But that's not the point. Point is, he's a good actor, he's young, has the good looks and charm to pull off a cocky fighter-pilot/superhero and he was meant to be Batman once upon a time, then it got taken away from him doesn't the dude deserve a second shot at the title? A real one this time? Who knows, he could be bloody outstanding!

3. Justin Chatwin

One of the main players on Shameless USA, funny this guy came in to play the character played by James (Professor X) McAvoy in the UK version of the show. He's probably not the ideal choice, he hasn't quite got the muscle tone, but who's to say he couldn't build up and hit the gym, give the guy a shot he's a pretty good actor, he's been around quite a while and never really taken off massively, maybe now is his time, ey. What do you think?

2. Jensen Ackles

Another popular choice given the recent news of the Steve Trevor casting of Chris Pine, Ackles has been on DC fans radar since he appeared in the Batman animated movie Under the Redhood as the voice of Jason Todd and (spoilers) Redhood, if you didn't know, well now ya do... He also spent brief stint in Smallville around season 4 I believe, so he has some ties to DC already, he act, that's been proven and he has got the right look as well. But on the other hand...

1. Jared Padalecki

What about his younger on-screen brother from Supernatural? I probably won't get a lot of agreement on this one, but what the hell, he's younger (33 to Jensen's 37) and with a hair-cut perhaps he'd have just as much the look if not more the Ackles... He's pretty talented also but has less chance to prove it, having only appeared in a hand full of movies, mostly dodgy horrors, but given the time to shine in brightest day, and black night, who's to say this guy ain't right?

And that's it let me know if there's anyone else you'd have put on this list or who you would like to see as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the DCCU..?

Cheers for reading..!


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