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(Warning - mild thematic SPOILERS for Doctor Strange lie below. Proceeding with mild thematic caution is thus advised...)

Now, this past weekend's D23 Expo - Disney's biennial celebration of its vast array of creative properties, past and present - may not have yielded quite as much in the way of officially released online Marvel footage as we might have liked to see (read: none), but, thankfully, we were given a pretty huge tease or two to make up for it.

Perhaps the most intriguing (outside of the D23-exclusive Captain America: Civil War footage, of course) reveal?

We Now Have a Way Better Idea of What Doctor Strange Will Be Like

And, as it turns out, there're a whole lot of new details to get ridiculously over-excited about.

Perhaps the three most exciting teases, though? Well...

3. It Looks Set to Be 'Marvel's Inception'

Specifically, it seems that Doctor Strange is set to feature some seriously mind-bending stuff - including our hero 'astrally projecting' himself into other dimensions.

What's more, screened images of "cars and whole highways of vehicles floating in formation with no pavement [and] insane-looking buildings moving in warped patterns" seem to suggest an aesthetic very much akin to Christopher Nolan's classic Inception - and a very different Marvel movie to the ones we've seen thus far.


2. It Might Just Directly Connect to Ant-Man

Note - If you haven't yet seen Ant-Man, then opening up the SPOILER-protection below will likely constitute a massive SPOILER...

The other major consequence of that on-screen weirdness?

It seems as though we could well be set to see Doctor Strange head to the 'Microverse' we saw towards the end of Ant-Man - or at least open up the possibility of doing so in the future. As /Film's Peter Sciretta puts it:

"There were very surreal-looking visions of planets and other sights that could be intergalactic, or simply other-dimensional. Think of the last major shrinking sequence from Ant-Man, which was clearly a lead-in to Strange, but on an even weirder scale."

A Doctor Strange/Ant-Man crossover movie in 2019, anyone? Or could we even see Doctor Strange's female lead turn out to be the oft-mentioned original Wasp from Ant-Man, with the good doctor turning out to be the one to rescue her?

And, most important of all?

1. It's Set to Be SUPER Faithful to the Comic Books

From the sounds of it, Strange's origin story is very much intact from the comic books, with him originally having been an arrogant neurosurgeon who learns humility (and the mystic arts) after a car accident horribly injures his hands.

Better still, it seems that some variation of his classic costume will also make it into the movie, with multiple images throughout having depicted Strange wearing his iconic red cape (with collar, no less), complete with his trademark greying temples.

All of which seems to add up to one, incredibly important thing:

It's officially time to start getting over-excited about Doctor Strange...

What do you think, though?

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