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While everyone was excited that Rachel got off the plane to be with Ross and that Phoebe had finally found her soulmate, no couple in the entirety of Friends made me feel as fulfilled as the relationship between Chandler and Joey did.

After the show aired its final episode in 2004, it was hard to say goodbye to Joey and the Chan-Chan man! But luckily for us, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc came together last week at a CBS party to prove that real friendship (real meaning constructed by a television crew, of course) lasts a lifetime.

Here are the two handsome silver foxes today, over a decade after their show came to an end:

Sadly, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. were not in attendance at the event. We can assume that the pair are at least living comfortably, perhaps even at that special farm where Chick and Duck Sr. were sent to live happily ever after, right?

Since these two have me feeling all nostalgic, here are some of my personal favorite Chandler and Joey moments that still give me serious BFF envy:

1. When Chandler and Joey played a fair game of Cups

Chandler knew Joey wouldn't accept his cash any other way, but still wanted to help his buddy out. What a good guy!

2. When they perfected the jumping hug

It involves jumping and hugging, it's a pretty physical task. Not as easy as you'd think it would be.

3. When they were able to be slightly more low-key about their affections

Lame cool guy handshakes are a decent substitute for a jumping hug when other people are around.

4. When they made a grand entrance into their new apartment

Nothing says "We have arrived" quite like floating into a room on a decorative hound.

5. When they agreed on the importance of decorating and lumbar support

Paired with the collective "Ahhhh!" Chandler and Joey know that no other piece of furniture is as important as a quality barcalounger.

6. When they understood that you're never too old to play pretend

After a hard day of pretending to know how to be an adult, isn't it nice to come home and pretend to be literally anything else in the world?

7. When they showed us that even the most boring tasks can become fun games

Seriously, even packing can be fun if you're with the right people.

8. When Joey stepped up on NYE to give Chandler a much needed kiss

Way to step up to the plate, Joey!

9. When they busted out some flawless choreography

That's a victory dance if I've ever seen one.

After watching the friendship between these two blossom and mature over the years, I couldn't be happier to see that the two of them still take the time to hang out every so often. Even if it was because they can share in the disappointment of not being invited to Jennifer Aniston's wedding.

They can tell me time and time again that it's not happening, but I'm still desperately holding out for a Friends reunion. Come on, guys! It's what the people want.

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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