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British actors are seemingly killing it these days, especially with shows like Game of Thrones putting like... all of them, to work. I mean, seriously, that show has so many great British actors in it. But anyway, Lakeshore Entertainment and Screen Gems nabbed one of them in Tobias Menzies for the fifth installment of Underworld 5.

Menzies will be playing "Marius, a mysterious new Lycan leader." He is known for playing Edmure Tully on GoT and has been greating rave reviews as Frank Randall/Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall in Outlander on Starz.

Underworld 5 will be directed by Anna Foerster. An interesting tidbit is that she directed Menzies in the Outlander season finale. Obviously, she was happy with what she saw from the actor, and I'm sure she was a big reason he was cast in the film.

Kate Beckinsale (Click) will reprise her role again as Selene and Divergent star Theo James (David) is returning to the series as well.



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