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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Have you ever wondered how it would look if your favorite non-human character video games character was actually human? Obviously not if they were in the first place, but I'm talking about something in the vein of one of the Colossi from the seminal Shadow of the Colossus, or, say one of the Mushroom Kingdom's very own Piranha Plants.

Well, traveler, you're in luck. Thanks to the imaginations and fingers of artists from every corner of the web, the upcoming brilliant, creepy and outright hilarious fan art depict some of the most iconic characters from games as proper people. Anime style.

So come in, warm your feet by the fire and get scrollin':

1. Human Koopalings

by Esu

2. Creeper

by Magenta

3. Shadow the Hedgehog

by ET.M

4. Animal Crossing's Isabelle

by NaSO4

5. Knuckles & Rouge

by Toko

6. Piranha Plant Dance

by minus8

7. Banjo-Kazooie

by BluC

8. Shadow of the Colossus' Valus

by nabe

9. Charizard

by DAV-19

10. Bowser

by asktehbowz


Which was your favorite humanized video game character?


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