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There is always someone watching. The big brother culture extends its reach into Los Santos as it emerges that the security cameras placed throughout GTA 5 have been recording your every move.

According to Abstract Mode there are over 1,000,000 security cameras that exist within Los Santos. Given that this is Grand Theft Auto's city, you can more or less guarantee that each and every one of these cameras has at some point captured either something truly spectacular or something extremely brutal.

What You Are About To See..

As you can imagine the footage does not fall short of being incredible. The incidents that have been collected and featured in the video below range from the wildly hilarious to the downright insane.


We see players lighting up cigarettes whilst gassing up their cars, with explosive results. Crazy cat ladies, Cops smoking so much weed they pass out and even factory workers falling into large mincing machines.

Some incidents are so real to life it is scary. One player is seen chasing after their car as it rolls backwards down a hill after failing to apply the parking brake correctly.

One guy is captured paying far too much attention to his phone as he attempts to board an elevator - the chap has totally failed to realise that the elevator doors are open but the elevator is not there, consequently falling, phone and all down the shaft to his death.

Intimate Times

The footage proves that you are not safe anywhere in Los Santos, there is always somebody watching. We see how some individuals have even set up cameras of their own and partake in their own seedy voyeuristic games.

Girls strolling around in their underwear, more crazy cat ladies, at one point a camera catches Trevor climb a fence into a private area of a public swimming pool and proceed to take a number 2 in the pool and watch as it floats by other patrons.

We see lab monkeys chilling with their scientists and yes of course their is a fair bit of sex caught too but I will leave you to find that bit on your own.


Yup, there is even a ghost or two to be found in GTA 5. This terrifying image is just one that can be found, but the footage below holds more ghostly images.

The Unexpected

Finding the unexpected in GTA 5 is actually a very rare occurrence, in this epic title you must always prepare for the unexpected. The city of Los Santos is America's new playground, there are countless ways to spend your day, making for many an epic adventure each and every time you take to the streets.

Cameras at a secret military base have even captured the moment a space craft lands and the occupants are greeted by the two top brass generals.

Bigfoot!? We now finally have a definitive answer - Bigfoot exists. Cameras posted out near the woods have not only captured images of the beast walking through the forest but appear to show bigfoot taking a break on a rock and scrolling through his news feed on his phone. The new question now is: who is he friends with on Facebook?

GTA 5 is the gift that keeps on giving. I think that we are having more fun now a year on than we did when we first stepped foot in Los Santos. There seems to be no limit to the amount of mayhem and chaos we can cause in this game and I love watching all the clips you guys create. Keep them coming. Please!

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