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Recently, I heard a lot of vitriol tossed over the above movie - Fantastic 4. Everyone seems to really dislike it; however, no one has yet really explained to me why they dislike it. It can't seriously be any worse than the first movies were - and really they were not that bad. In my opinion (and this is just rambling here for a moment, feel free to tune out) really the Fantastic 4 Comic series works great in that format - COMIC - but I don't know that it has really ever worked well on film.

Anyway, I am about to watch this movie to make up my own mind. My brother went and saw it the other day with his mates and they all really enjoyed it. He did not know what everyone's issue was.. He liked the visuals, enjoyed the storyline, liked the action. He is not much for a lot of opinion on acting, unless something really bugs him - he does not tend to like movies based on video games for example - he is a gamer.

So.. I will watch this movie and like every comic book movie, will watch with an open mind. Generally, I just like sci-fi action comic book movies - because I get to switch off from life and connect with BIG ACTION and Superheroes.

Who cares whether the movie is good or bad.. Really it is about how much action and Superheroes you can get... Any true geek knows this..


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