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Many years ago, my best-friend was talking to me about this show that he often watched called Doctor Who, a BBC original sci-fi show. He told me all about how I should watch the show since he thought it would be right up my alley. I didn't really listen to him right away, I mean, I tried watching the show but just couldn't get into it.

When my wife and I started watching the show, we thought it was weird and kind of stupid at first, but we remembered everyone we had talked to about this show who mentioned how good it was and they all urged us on by saying to "just get passed the first season" and so we tried to muscle through the show that was so far outside our entertainment comfort zone at the time, but by the half-way point of season one (I'm sorry series one), we were already hooked.

We binge-watched Doctor Who almost every night and we had quite the fill of it since we got to watch all the way from series one to series seven, as well as the few specials they had listed in with the series.

Now I've just finished series 8 (I waited for it to come to Netflix) and after watching the last episode, I felt inspired to write about the series. Keep in my mind, I'm not from the UK, I didn't grow up with Doctor Who, and I've never watched the old series that played way back in the day.

I'm just simply sharing the reasons that I, a young fan of the series, feels that people should give the show a shot.

1. The Characters and Their Stories

To me, it doesn't matter how good a story may be, if the characters aren't compelling and fleshed out well to me, I don't really care what happens to them thus I don't care for the story. I believe a good story is a character-driven one.

That's exactly what you get when you watch Doctor Who. Every series that comes out for this phenomenal show introduces you to great, new characters who are deep and it still continues to just really flesh out the ones we're already familiar with. I know many talk about how the Christopher Eccleston series was the "worst", but he I feel he did a good enough job and the first series of the show introduced us to Rose Tyler whose story would constantly have us intrigued from beginning to end.

Rose Tyler in episode 1.01: "Rose"
Rose Tyler in episode 1.01: "Rose"

These characters, like Rose, work so well off of every other character that comes into play, whether it's Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, Jack Harkness, or David Tennant's Doctor; each character is created almost perfectly.

The cast who play these characters are so well chosen and each time there is a new Doctor, despite how weird it might feel at first, it always ends up being a good fit because every actor who plays the Doctor brings something new to the table without losing who the character really is at heart (or hearts).

Same goes for the companions of the Doctor. As I mentioned, many of us fell in love with Rose Tyler's story and when her time was up for the show, it was a sad moment but there were a great deal of companions to come along that I really enjoyed like Donna Noble who was just funny and especially the Ponds (Amelia and Rory) both of whom had a story equal to or greater than even that of Rose Tyler.

The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory in episode 7.05: "The Angels Take Manhattan"
The Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory in episode 7.05: "The Angels Take Manhattan"

The chemistry that the Ponds had with each other was fantastic and their story alone was amazing but then for them to bounce off of Matt Smith's Doctor was incredible and he himself had an interesting on-screen relationship and chemistry with each Pond that played really nicely into the fabric of the show.

Coming up to current events in the show, the characters are still amazing despite there being some drastic changes.

It was a sad day whenever the Ponds story ended but the Doctor soon found a lively, spunky companion in Clara Oswald.

Clara Oswald in episode 8:01, "Deep Breath"
Clara Oswald in episode 8:01, "Deep Breath"

Her relationship with Matt Smith's Doctor was a nice transition coming out of the Ponds' story. It's great too, how Steven Moffat, the show-runner of Doctor Who, is able to take this character like Clara and provide a very flirty relationship between her and the 11th Doctor and yet, completely shake that up and have a sort of parental-like relationship with the 12th Doctor and not even miss a beat.

The point is, no matter what series of Doctor Who you find yourself watching, these characters will capture your heart and take you on an incredible journey. You will find yourself having a favorite Doctor and a favorite companion, although at times it may be more difficult to decide, and no matter who you choose, there is no wrong or right.

2. It's Always Doing Something Different

The Doctor in episode 7:12, "Nightmare in Silver"
The Doctor in episode 7:12, "Nightmare in Silver"

A lot of shows, however great they are, can end up becoming a little boring over time if they don't mix it up. We saw this happen a lot in the show Lost, I feel same about shows like Smallville, Arrow, and other superhero shows (which are the kind I naturally gravitate towards) or even sometimes one of my favorite shows: The Walking Dead.

There may be episodes you like more than others, there may be episodes you don't like at all, but you can always know for sure that no matter how you feel about one episode, the next one is always going to be different.

I love that about the show. I binge watch this show with my wife and we love the way one episode can be humorous and light, the next can be dark and creepy, and by the end of the series, we've probably reached something that's building to an epic conclusion. It happens every time. It's always entirely unpredictable.

3. It's an Emotional Roller-Coaster

The Doctor in episode 4.13: "Journey's End"
The Doctor in episode 4.13: "Journey's End"

On the surface, Doctor Who looks like some silly, often times campy sci-fi show with cheesy effects. But once you get into show and you really lend yourself to these characters on-screen, especially the Doctor and his companions, you're emotional connection will send you on a never ending series of ups and downs.

I cannot tell you how many times some of the stories told in Doctor Who had my heart pounding as my throat swelled up with emotion. It seems silly, especially when you see some of the more bizarre episodes and it shouldn't make sense how one could become so emotionally attached to a show like that, yet, somehow, it does. I guess the fact that it really doesn't make sense makes sense in its own way considering that everything that makes sense about Doctor Who never makes sense and that's the way it should be. We accept this.

But I guaruntee you that if you give this show a shot, you will have moments of laughter in the strangest of times, you'll have moments of fear, of joy, and seemingly more often than not, moments of sadness. Every regeneration of the Doctor is a hard one to accept, but every transformation from David Tennant to Matt Smith to the current Peter Capaldi, has always been impressive. The same goes for every new companion, when one story comes to end, whether it be joyous or sad, it's always bitter sweet when someone new comes along.


The Doctor hugs Clara Oswald in episode 8.12: "Death in Heaven"
The Doctor hugs Clara Oswald in episode 8.12: "Death in Heaven"

The point of this article is this: there are so many people that I've tried to convince to watch Doctor Who and they all give me that same face like I'm crazy, like there's no way this show could be that good. But I promise you it is. It is one of the best on-going shows going on right now. I like it even more than The Walking Dead, which is really saying something coming from me.

Give the show a chance, lend yourself the stories of the Doctor and his many companions as they travel throughout all space and time. Get lost in the humor, the scary stories, the joy, and the heartbreak. If you give this show a chance, it will not let you down. Just as I tell everybody else about this show:

"Just get passed the episodes with the farting aliens and you're good."

So, will you give Doctor Who a chance? Have you watched it before already? Do you like it or do you hate it? Share your thoughts and opinions about what I consider to be one of the greatest shows ever in the comments section below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


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Doctor Who returns for season 9 on September 9th.


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