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You might have been wondering about why people love to watch horror movies when it just scares them and (others) leaving them terrified or breathless. The answer? Because it does the same as other types of movie genres do. And many more.

Here are the top 10 reasons as to why people love watching horror movies. Be sure to vote for your favorite reason on the poll below!

1. It gives you a sense of thrill

Silent House
Silent House

May it be a B-movie or a movie with A-list actors, you could definitely say that horror movies have lots of thrilling moments! From that part where the monsters chases the girl, the part where the stereotypical jock gets killed by the evil monster, and even the part where two people have sex before they get killed, they all contain moments of thrill!

It sends chills to our spines, a sense of fear and paranoia, and even a tingle of ecstacy when the main character manages to escape! Definitely something that an adventurous person will love!

2. It plays with the human imagination

A monster who uses his victim's faces for a mask? Check. A giant, sentient wheel who kills people it encounters by running over them? Check. A giant swarm of scary and disgusting cockroaches that either inhibits the victim's body or scares it to death? Check. How about a killer clown who specifically targets children? Creepy!

As you can see, the horror movie genre takes what people is scared of the most, turns it to something creative, and then voila! An 80-minute film that scares you to death! Who wouldn't love that (scaredy-cats, ofcourse!)?

3. It can be a source of great entertainment

A typical horror movie's aim is to scare people. This is already a source of entertainment as some people loves to be scared by some things that they did not expect, saying: "I knew that was gonna happen!" but still getting scared.

Also, since not all horror movies can be great, cheap scares can be really humorous to watch! That fake-blood-which-is-obviously-ketchup ? How about that main character who can't even cry (while acting) even if her life depended on it? It has every single one of that and many more!

4. It's innovative

Back in the days, the typical killer-carrying-a-knife-who-will-kill-the-person-taking-a-rest was so scary it made the audience screamed! But for today? You'll probably get a lot of giggles or snorts from the audience because the scare tactic is so cliche already!

But now, we can definitely see a lot of new things! Car chases with the monster only to find him in your backseat, zombie monsters that have a really creepy makeup, and even a random, screaming ghost in the middle of a dark, abandoned hospital! This just shows that horror movies tend to be really innovative for them to stand out among a vast amount of these movies.

5. It arouses our curiosity

I mean, why do people even watch The Human Centipede, Hostel or Saw? I mean, it's totally gross, right?

But put it in this way. These movies feature a LOT of graphical and violent content. Of course it will be very inappropriate.

But remember, humans were made to be very curious beings. And this is what the directors of these movies use: the basic fact that we continuously look for more things new, and because of this, they can use this to make us watch their movies even though it isn't the type you wouldn't like at the very first place.

And that's our top five list of why people love horror movies. Be sure to vote for the best among these reasons!


What is the best out of all these reasons?


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