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I will keep it short, if I become a fan of something I become obsessive. I love movies, if I could I would go to them everyday. I'm glad my
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It seems almost weekly I see another fan theory about one of the most beloved /iconic comic book villains of all time (number two on IGN's top comic book villains behind Magneto). Ever since that initial picture of Jared Leto was posted, I've heard hatred, confusion, and anxiety about the look of the new Clown Prince of Crime. I will admit I was thrown be the juggalo look a bit, I don't hate it (minus the "damaged" tattoo on his forehead that's a bit to on the mark for me), and when I saw the Suicide Squad trailer I was sold and I don't mind the tattoos; in fact I rather like them. But, now we are being flooded with fan theories on "who is the Joker?", the most popular, and the one with any serious traction, is Jason Todd aka the Red Hood aka the second Robin. Yesterday, "new evidence" was posted on about Joker's shoulder scars, saying this just more proof that the Joker is a past Robin; then insinuating that Dick Grayson maybe the Joker. I snapped which led me to posting this article. Personally, I would be extremely disappointed if they did this. The best part about the Joker is he doesn't really have a reason for doing what he does other than it's funny. If it ends up being Jason or Dick, I will feel cheated. I will either lose the chance of seeing one of my favorite comic stories being told on film, (Under the Red Hood) or I will lose the chance to see Nightwing redeemed on film (looking at you Chris O'Donnell and Joel Schumacher) I'm hoping the Joker is just bat- sh*t (see what I did there?) insane who likes tattoos, who has been around as long as Batman. Who has literally had his teeth punched down his throat by the Dark Knight. But time will tell and hopefully we will have our answers in BvS: Dawn of Justice or at least part of the story and then the rest in Suicide Squad.

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