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So, I have to admit that I tuned into True Detective S2 a bit reluctantly this year. I liked S1, but it's convoluted plot and Matthew McConaughey's endless ramblings left me scratching my head at times. But the acting was great, so I stayed.

While this year's plot was was still really layered and dense, it was easier to follow. I'll admit I kept getting all of the secondary player's names confused (the downfall of having four leads all with varying subplots) but for the most part, I got it.

But I loved the acting this season. It was right on par with last season. Colin Farrell's role was in his wheel-house, so that was no surprise. But Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn stole it for me. It's my favorite work that I've ever seen the two of them do. It was a departure from their usual stuff, and I loved it.

Now. I didn't love Taylor Kitsch. I just couldn't hook into him or his character. It also doesn't help when you have lines like "I just want to be back out on the open road with my bike" or something like that. I just didn't care about him the way I cared about the other three.

The intersect between the case and their personal lives was better managed in this season. The case last season was so dense that I when personal moments happened I would be like "oh thank god, something I can follow." But, it really worked this season.

I predicted the ending just a tad but I still thought it was a great finish.

So. That's what I think. What about you? Which season did you like better? You think there's going to be a season 3?

Also, one more note, how could you not get that title song stuck in your head?


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