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Six months ago, we heard that science fiction aficionado Neill Blomkamp had been handed the hallowed reigns of FOX's Alien franchise. Since then, we've heard precious little from the planned fifth installment.

In fact, some are starting to question whether Alien 5 has entered some kind of spacey development hell. The only substantial information we've seen regarding the project was some concept art released in February - which isn't really that substantial when you think about it.

The concept art featured Aliens star Michael Biehn with a newly acquired acid-scarred face. This seemed to suggest Biehn would be returning for the next xenomorph-swatting adventure, however it appears he doesn't know much more about the project than we do. While appearing at the Sheffield Film and Comic Con, he told the audience he has talked to Blomkamp about Alien 5, but that's about it. He confirmed he hadn't read a script or been officially offered a role, although he did add that Alien 5 will apparently ignore Alien3 and Alien Resurrection.

Horror news site, Bloody Disgusting is suggesting that the poor reaction (both critical and financial) to Blomkamp's Chappie may have given FOX cold feet about his treatment for Alien 5. Of course, this is nothing but pure speculation, but when you consider Blomkamp has no other projects officially on his plate, the relative silence regarding Alien 5 is somewhat worrying.

But perhaps this is all premature? Blomkamp has more recently updated on the project, although it is once again in the form of concept art. One month ago, he posted the following piece of artwork with the added caption: " going very well. Love this project."

So it seems everything is ticking along quite nicely after all, although I would feel slightly more relieved and satisfied if we got to see something a bit meatier than concept art which could have been produced years ago.

Hopefully, we'll hear some more positive news regarding the project soon.

Source: BloodyDisgusting


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