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Stephen Adamson

Donald Trump: Wealthy man, powerful dude, outlandish person, political figure, divisive orator... Batman? This is one of the weirder stories out of the Trump camp during this election season. And trust me, saying that means a lot. This guy does crazy stuff seemingly every other business day.

Trump has riled up a very specific group of American voters. That group includes those who just want to watch the world burn, along with those who think he's the hero Gotham (America?) Deserves.

During a campaign tour stop in Iowa, Trump graciously let some kids and their parents get a ride in his customized Sikorsky S-76B helicopter. Trump also fielded questions, declining to answer a reporter’s question about what circumstances he would use a nuclear weapon under, according to CNN.

However, one question he did answer was posed by a young kid. A kid with an inquiring mind and a knack for the hardest-hitting questions that we, as Americans need the answers to. His question? "Are you Batman?" To which, Trump answered:

"I am Batman."

He kept it short, but sweet. Everyone now knows who Batman is. It's not Bruce Wayne, as we previously thought. Batman is, in fact, Donald Trump. Wow. Somebody elect this man before he uses his powers for evil!

The thing that people are forgetting is that Trump vouched for Ben Affleck as Batman a while back...

Perhaps he only said this to distract people from the fact that he, in fact, was Batman. Very meta.



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