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The Teen Choice Awards are a celebration in recognizing talented artists in music, movies, sports, television, fashion, and more, voted by teen viewers.

They are also one of the many award shows to tune into and check out your favorite celebrities' stylish and creative fashion choices in case you need some inspiration for a new wardrobe.

Below is a list of 11 of the best dressed celebs. But be warned, friends: You will suddenly find yourself in your car driving to the mall, credit card in hand, ready to buy the latest styles.

1. Sarah Hyland

The sun is out shining brightly, and this summery two piece ensemble is perfect for attracting some warm rays.

2. Britney Spears

She may be a mother, but her body is solid as is her dress. It's not my personal style, but it suites her and I love the cut-out sexiness going on.

3. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

I tend to wear black and white all the time (I am literally wearing those two colors as I type this), and I love how this adorable couple matches, but still shows off each person's individual style at the same time.

4. Lea Michele

I'm not sure if Lea Michele meant to get patriotic or not, but florals are in and so is America, so thumbs up and a salute to this cute ensemble.

5. Jason Derulo

I am particularly digging the gray jacket. It's like a spin on black and white, but yet something different. Derulo, you're looking incredibly sharp sir!

6. Chloë Grace Moretz

This dress has a girly silhouette, but the black and green give it a bit of an edge. Also, is that a snake I see on her shirt? As a Slytherin, I completely approve of this outfit.

7. John Stamos

I think I've figured it out, people. Stamos is officially a vampire. That man hasn't aged a bit. His outfit is casual, effortless, cool, and clean.

8. Nina Dobrev

Pink may not be my favorite color, but the sequins and the black stripes give this outfit a low-key badass vibe. I am particularly loving those sick shoes.

9. Victoria Justice

I'm not one to usually wear color, but that dark sea foam green is beautiful and makes me think of the ocean. I also have to admit, I'm a personal sucker for fringes.

10. Zendaya

This outfit, in my opinion is a straight up knockout ensemble. I am a huge fan of the colors (no surprise there.) The sleek black skirt paired up with the puffy white top is so sexy, and I just love Zendaya's jewelry.

11. Nash Grier

This rocker '80s look is a blast from the past. It's effortless but fashionable at the same time. Plus, it looks incredibly comfortable for walking up and down that blue carpet.

Gina Rodriguez is also looking ravishing in green! Sequins and green hues must be in this season!

No need to wonder what you're going to wear for your next party. These celebs will inspire you and make you feel hot in your new outfits! Now if only we had bank accounts like them...

[Source: Buzzfeed Life]


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