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This year marks the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. Here are 12 bits of movie trivia about the trilogy to celebrate.

Back to the Future (1985)

1. Never give up, never surrender

It took being rejected 40 times, before the script was finally approved.

2. Fan mail

John DeLorean sent a fan letter to the film’s writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, thanking them for using his car in the movie.

3. No piracy

The original script had Doc Brown and Marty sell bootleg videos to fund the time machine. This plot point was removed from the script at Universal’s request as they didn’t want to promote piracy.

4. A common set

Both Gremlins and Back to the Future were filmed at the Universal Studios back lot and used the same set (Kingston Falls from Gremlins).

Back to the Future II (1989)

5. Cameo

Elijah Wood made his film debut in the sequel as he played one of the two video game boys Marty speaks to at the start of the film.

6. A production delayed

This film and its sequel Back to the Future III were delayed for 3 years because Robert Zemeckis was working on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

7. Re-shot

The opening scenes of this film were the closing scenes of the first that were re-shot. Several changes had been made especially in Christopher Lloyd’s delivery of his lines.

8. No driving

Not counting the re-used scene from the first film, this is the only film in the trilogy where Marty doesn’t drive the DeLorean.

Back to the Future III (1990)

9. Accidentally hanged

During the scene where Marty is hanged, Michael J. Fox was accidentally hanged and he was unconscious for a short period of time.

10. Catchphrase exchange.

This is the only film in the trilogy where Marty and Doc Brown exchange catchphrases. Marty says "Great Scott!" and Doc Brown replies "Yeah, this is heavy" as they talk about the tombstone photo.

11. Originally cast

Seamus McFly was originally written for actor Crispin Glover.

12. That first scene

The first scene in this film where Marty goes back to the future in the DeLorean appears in all 3 films.



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