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Minions are really very in now.

There have even been incidents of global Minion mayhem. In the Northern Dublin town of Santry a 33 foot inflatable plastic Minion blew off its mooring causing all kinds of hilarity and traffic chaos.

Fortunately the only casualty of this Minion romp and stomp was a car that lost its side-view mirror.

That incident caused the folks over at, a logo design website, to think long and hard about the comic implications of a world wide minion attack.

A few days later their skillful designers had inserted depictions of Minion terror into 13 high resolution stock photos of famous world monuments and places.

Of course there are going to be the inevitable King Kong and Jaws parodies that have Minions swatting bi-planes from the top of the Empire State Building and horrified beach-goers fleeing the ocean surf, but for the most part the carnage is limited to the comic wreckage of Minions just stumbling about through their daily life routines.

Even though Minions serve Gru, who dreams and schemes about taking over the world, their actual evolutionary and plot function is to somehow hilariously prevent it from happening.

Big Ben, London

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Taj Mahal, Agra

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Empire State Building, New York

Times Square, New York

Pudong, Shanghai

A Fun Day At The Beach

Egyptian Pyramids

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Let me know your favorites in the comment areas. You may want to include any Minion world domination scenarios you might think of.

Via Bored Panda.

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