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Teen Titans:

Plot: After Dick Grayson, as Robin worked with Batman (Age 50), but Batman never saw his face before, he showed his ID to Batman. Batman thought he was to young and told hi to leave. So Dick Grayson moved away with a feeling that Batman betrayed him.

So after that Nightwing moves to Bluehaven and fights crie alone, but in a world with metahumans and mirakuru it's very difficult. So he starts up a team.

(Not in the Arrow Flash universe)

Ian Thomas (Age 18) as Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Age 16)

Grace Phipps (Age 23) as Raven (Age 16)

Dylan O'Brien (Age 24) as Roy Harper/Red Arrow (Age 17)

Cameron Boyce (Age 16) as Beast Boy (Age 15)

Olivia Holt (Age 18) as Terra (Age 15)

Cameron Monaghan (Age 22) as Wally West/Flash (Age 16)

Ariana Grande (Age 22) as Starfire (Age 17)

TNT Blackbirds Fancast:

Plot: Dick Grayson who feel betrayed by Batman (Age 55), moves away from Gotham to Bluehaven. Dick Grayson starts fighting crime, but fails, when Arsenal moves to Bluehaven they start fighting crime toghetter, but Beast Boy and Terra are new to town to, so Dick Grayson feels like he needs more help. Also Starfire and Raven come in the team. When a misterious thing happens, Wally west enters the new universe and starts running, and Dick Grayson invites him over to the team and they start fighting crime. But when Slade Wilson escapes from Lian Yu. He goes after Thea who is a couple of days in Bluehaven for Roy. So the Blackbirds can start with their first villain.

Steven R. McQueen (Age 27) as Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Age 24)

Ashley Benson (Age 25) as Terra (Age 22)

Colton Haynes (Age 27) as Roy Harper/Arsenal (Age 22)

Tyler James Williams (Age 23) as Wally West/Kid Flash (Age 19)

Jake T. Austin (Age 21) as Beast Boy (Age 18)

AnnaSophia Robb (Age 22) as Starfire (Age 19)

Elizabeth Gillies (Age 23) as Raven (Age 20)


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