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If you're reading a website called Moviepilot, I'd take a bet saying you're more than just a casual fan of film. Although we largely choose to write about current movies and pop culture, I think it's important that we remember the history and roots of what makes cinema great.

From the first color film to the first entirely CGI film, the world of movie making has come a long way. Check out a few of these movies who were daring enough to do it before anyone else:

1. The first ever cat video

Movie: Falling Cat
Year: 1894

2. The first special effect

Movie: Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
Year: 1895

* Thomas A. Edison's reproduction of this historic scene is considered to contain one of film's first special effects. The filmmakers used a stop trick and placed a fake head on the block. So many people believed it was real that it's also considered the first ever snuff film.

3. The first color movie

Movie: Anna Belle Serpentine Dance
Year: 1895

4. The first film sequel

Movie: The Fall of a Nation
Year: 1916

5. The first zombie movie

Movie: J‘Accuse
Year: 1919

6. The first vampire movie

Movie: Nosferatu
Year: 1922

7. The first cinematic swear

Movie: The Big Parade
Year: 1925

*It's commonly thought that the first swear word uttered in cinema was Rhett Butler in 1940's Gone With the Wind when he said “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” But really it was in the silent film The Big Parade, in which a character says (and the title card reads), “Goddamn their souls!”

8. The first Best Picture Oscar winner

Movie: Wings
Year: 1927

9. The first sex scene in a non-pornographic film

Movie: Ecstasy
Year: 1933

10. The first toilet flushing shown on screen

Movie: Psycho
Year: 1960

11. The first naked woman in a major Hollywood film

Movie: Peeping Tom
Year: 1960

12. The first interracial marriage in a film

Movie: One Potato, Two Potato
Year: 1965

13. The first shooting death shown in full

Movie: A Fistful of Dollars
Year: 1964

14. The first film to show a naked man

Movie: Women in Love
Year: 1969

15. The first animated Academy Award Best Picture nominee

Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Year: 1991

16. The first CGI main character

Movie: Casper the Friendly Ghost
Year: 1995

17. The first fully CGI film

Movie: Toy Story
Year: 1995

18. The first CGI movie that used motion capture for all actors

Movie: Polar Express
Year: 2004

With all that we've accomplished so far, I can't wait to see what kind of techniques will form and boundaries will be pushed in the future!

(Source: Wikipedia)


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