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What do Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch) and Samara Morgan (the Ring) have in common? If you simply can't wait, skip to Number 1 and see!

10. The Haunted Mansion Ride Ash Problem

I assume most of you are familiar with the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. According to employees, the park has been asked many, many times if the ashes of loved ones can be scattered off of that ride in particular. Though the park has declined the very, uh, generous offers it hasn't stopped people before. I just imagine sitting down enjoying myself and then being slapped in the face by someone trying commemorate a loved one by dumping their ashes off of an amusement park ride. Not quite that haunting, but still a bit unsettling.

9. Abandoned by Disney

Though the popular creepypasta is clearly fake, there is a whole mess of truth thrown into it. Disney did, in fact, abandon two of their theme parks because of a law against natural water in amusement parks (which I find creepy, hello, natural water not allowed? Whaaaat). Rather than tear down what they'd already built, they left the empty park standing. Can you imagine walking along an island that's completely vacant of people but filled with the skeletal structure of what used to be a vibrant theme park? Creepy.

8. Cryogenically Frozen Disney

Though not necessarily haunting, the image of someone actually being cryogenically frozen is pretty creepy stuff. There were claims made that Walt's body was indeed, frozen and the world awaits his return!

Buuuut the rumours have been debunked. Disney's daughter has come forward and assured everyone that Walt is not chillin' in a block of ice waiting to be unthawed in the future.

7. Body Types & Princesses

Okay, okay, I'm skirting the line of 'haunting' with this one, but come on! Those little waistlines are definitely scary! What's even more fun are the qualifications to work in the park as a Disney Princess (one day, Hip Hop Abs, one day). Shorter than 5'7, taller than 5'4, and younger than 27 are pretty specific measurements. Unless you want to play Tinkerbell, then those of you stuck between 4'11 - 5'2 have a chance to shine as well!

6. Babies

Are scary. Babies are scary. And with all the foot traffic, it's amazing that not more pregnant women have had children inside of the theme park. Well okay, not really. Most pregnant women are discouraged from riding rides, as they are pregnant and it could potentially hurt the child, but there was a time when a woman straight up hid in a bathroom hoping that if she gave birth within the park that they would receive free all year pass. For giving birth. In a park. Good thing is, they reassured her she would NOT be receiving a free pass. Otherwise this would go from Haunting-Gross-Ugh to Why-Isn't-Every-Pregnant-Mom-Having-Children-At-Disney.

5. Pirates & Skeletons

We all know it's pretty darn hard to make skeletons. Okay, I don't know how hard it is to actually make a realistic looking skeleton, but I assume it's rather hard. You will be happy to know that at your beloved Disney theme parks they were unimpressed with their homemade skeletons and went ahead and got real ones for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Yes, real ones.

"Oh cool, Mom! Look, there's an awesome decoration!"

"That is your uncle, son."

Can't spread ashes but real skeletons are a go.

4. The Shining

I don't know what's up with Toy Story, but the editor and animators definitely had some shining magic up their sleeve (hah, see what I did there?). If you've ever seen the Shining, then you know exactly where I'm going with this. The floor of Sid's hallway brings up 'Heeeeere's Johnnny' and shivers, man. Shivers.

3. Military & Explosives

Now I know the brows might have gone up on this one, but just hear me out. Next to the military, Disney is the 2nd biggest buyer of explosives in the US. I understand they have fireworks that they need to explode, but still. If America were to go under attack, I think Disney might be able to retaliate and win. It just makes sense.

2. Tunnels

Tunnels in general are just haunting, man, but there's just something creepy/crawly about knowing that there's a network of tunnels beneath the entirety of Disney. Word has it Walt didn't like the idea of characters being in costume and in the wrong land. He despised watching them dressed up as say, Cinderella, strolling through Pirates of the Caribbean to get to her castle. It makes sense, but it still sorta freaks me out. Just the image of costumed people with frozen smiley-faces traipsing through a tunnel to get to a magical wonderland alone is enough to make me shiver.

1. Lilo and Samara

Personally, this is one of my favourite Haunting Disney Facts. Oddly enough, Lilo and Stitch & The Ring share an actress! Twenty-Five year old Daveigh Chase not only made us all smile as the mean-spirited little Hawaiian girl, but also scream with terror as the quiet, creepy Samara Morgan. Weird, right?


Which Fact Did You Find the Most 'Haunting?'


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