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With less than two months to go until season 4 of The CW's Arrow is due to hit our screens we recap what we've learned so far about the next iteration of our on-screen Green Arrow.

*Warning: Here there be spoilers (for seasons 3 & 4)*

The Arrow Gets A New Costume

At the conclusion of season three Oliver Queen announced that he was done with the Arrow, discarding his costume and leaving Starling City with Felicity. "Arrow is done," said Stephen Amell, "No more Arrow suit. I've worn it for the last time."

However we know that not to be true as it's nearly time for season 4, so what's happening?

As it turns out, Amell was merely being cryptic. The old Arrow suit may be done, but the Arrow is far from finished. The new look was unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con in July and it's noticeably more badass, and closer to the original Green Arrow suit, than we've seen thus far. This, coupled with the fact that the first episode is titled "Green Arrow" suggests that Oliver may be now heading towards becoming the fully fledged Green Arrow.

The New Lair

Though it doesn't seem like the writers have taken Harley Quinn's suggestion to rename the lair 'The Quiver', opting instead for the 'Arrow Bunker', the new hideout is much more futuristic looking than the last and containes plenty of space for the new Team Arrow. The above concept art shows a dedicated workstation for Felicity and some impressive looking vehicles tucked away in the back.

The Flash Crossover

Fans of The Flash rejoice! We have another confirmed crossover episode between the two shows, the second part to compliment the "Flash vs. Arrow" episode of The Flash season 1.

CW President Mark Pedowitz has stated that they plan to make the crossover a yearly Fall/Winter event between the two shows with talks to expand the crossovers to include other upcoming shows.

Damien Darhk is Arrow's newest antagonist

Following in the footsteps of Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Ra's al Ghul, Neal McDonough is taking the reigns as Damien Darhk - Oliver's next antagonist and Starling City's next great threat. Not much is known yet about the Arrow iteration of Damien, except that he was a friend and rival to the late Ra's al Ghul and is a master assassin.

The Damien Darhk character has previously appeared as an antagonist to the Teen Titans, a "baby-faced" villain connected to the criminal group H.I.V.E., but word is the writers are putting a different spin on his character to face up against the Arrow.

Sara's Rebirth? And even more crossovers.

Perhaps the most perplexing of confirmed facts for season 4 is the appearance of John Constantine and his link to the rebirth of the original Black Canary (Sara Lance). Her resurrected form, the White Canary, is due to make an appearance by episode five of season 4, according to writer-producer Marc Guggenheim.

Sara's rebirth will set-up another crossover event with [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) in which White Canary is set to feature alongside Constantine.

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What are you most looking forward to in season 4?


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