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Nina Dobrev shocked fans when she said goodbye to the role that made her a household name on The Vampire Diaries. While many of the cast and crew stayed on for another season, she decided that the sixth one would be the last one where she would be a main player.

Having written a heartfelt message to fans explaining her decision on Instagram, as well as sharing her final moments, many figured that would be the last of what she had to say on the subject. However, when she took the stage at the Teen Choice Awards this past weekend for "Choice TV Show Actress Sci-Fi/Fantasy", she had a final farewell to say to her fans.

Fangs for the memories
Fangs for the memories
“These were six incredible years that I had the pleasure of sharing with all of you guys. We wouldn’t be here without you,” Nina said with utmost gratitude. “I wouldn’t be here without you, and I wouldn’t be here without Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. They changed my life with this role—sorry, three, four roles. It’s hard to keep track these days. So thank you guys, each and every single one of you. And remember, change is coming! So hold on and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be fun.”
Nothing but love
Nothing but love

While fans may still be sad about the loss of our favorite doppelganger, we can't help but feel excited for her and hope for nothing but the best for her in her future. I know that I, for one, can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.

Watch her heartfelt speech below:

The Vampire Diaries returns for season 7 Thursday, October 8th to the CW.


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