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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Disney's Big Hero 6!

This past weekend's D23 Expo was filled with amazing live-action announcements, reunions of 1995's massive animated hits, and so much more -- but the anticipation for Disney Interactive's Sunday presentation was high, and the morning brought amazing news concerning the third installment of Square-Enix's much beloved multi-world RPG franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3.

A few details were covered before the primary announcements: Sora's keyblades will come with unique, real-time transformations that players control, and further development on park ride-inspired special attacks were shown off.

But the big news of the hour was the addition of a new Big Hero 6 inspired world, which transports players to the colorful streets of San Fransokyo to team up with Hiro, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, GoGo, and Fred.

The audience was going insane when suddenly -- as it goes with most things Disney -- an impactful, painful detail was announced:

The original body of Baymax, left behind in the portal that he and Hiro heroically dove into, will be manipulated by the level's enemies, and it's up to our heroes to take "Dark Baymax" down.

As someone who has been a Big Hero 6 die-hard since the movie went into development, I almost felt the knife in my gut when the announcement was made. Still, the added drama has certainly ramped up the excitement, and it fits well within the theme that the game's heartfelt stories of darkness versus light continue to use.


Would you fight Baymax if you had to?


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