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Growing up I absolutely loved comics, and I have always been more of a Marvel fan than DC. The Fantastic Four always piqued my curiosity and fascinated me. When Fox first released their 2005 film, and subsequent 2007 sequel, I was right there with money in hand. While both films were quite flawed, I still managed to enjoy them, as they captured the tone and feel of the group that drew me in as a comic reader. When everything began to come together for the most recent F4 film, I just didn't feel that same energy or draw. Now that the film has been a thorough disaster at the box-office it leads me to wonder what Fox should and will do with the franchise. Obviously I would prefer it if they would let Marvel have the rights back so that Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben can come home and be treated to a proper cinematic experience.

Along with being Marvel's first super-team, the Fantastic Four also boast one of the best collections of villains in the Marvel Universe: Doctor Doom, Annihilus, Galactus, and Kang the Conqueror just to name a few. Also, both Namor and Silver Surfer made their most notable appearances on the pages of the F4's comics.

I believe that, should the rights to the Fantastic Four come back to Marvel, the best thing to do would be to bring them in as an established team. No more origin story or anything like that. Maybe let them have been trapped in the Negative Zone for a time to explain their absence from the major events that have occurred in the MCU so far.


Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Jude Law

It surprises me a little that Law hasn't been tapped yet for any major comic book movie role at this point. An immensely talented actor, Law would definitely bring heart and a solid performance to the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is a great talent. More often than not he is tapped for villainous roles, but I believe that he would be a sound choice for Reed Richards should the opportunity arise.


Who Would You Pick?

Susan Storm-Richards/Invisible Woman

Naomi Watts

Watts was the first actress that popped into my head when thinking of an established Sue. She has the look and the talent for a role as the group's truly strongest character.

Reese Witherspoon

This was the second person to pop into my head for this role. Witherspoon also has all the characteristics to make this a great fit, though she may not have quite the fierceness that Watts would.


Who Would You Pick?

Johnny Storm

Ryan Kwanten

I think Kwanten would be able to capture the wild, goofy side of Johnny pretty well. He is a very good actor and would be a welcome addition to the MCU.

Scott Porter

I think I might like Porter more for the role than Kwanten. He is a huge comic book nerd and would love an opportunity to play one. I could really see him owning this role. He could easily capture the brash, cocky, "hot-headed" demeanor of Storm.


Who Would You Pick?

Ben Grimm/Thing

Karl Urban

Urban has been considered for Batman, Aquaman, and several other roles the last few years. This is a role that I think would suit him VERY well. His gruff and "grim" demeanor are a great fit.

Joel Edgerton

Edgerton has been a hot commodity the last few years, and constantly rumored and/or fan cast in roles. Well, this is one that I think he would definitely be a fit for. Much like Urban, I think Edgerton would be able to capture Grimm's gruff, angry manner.


Who Would You Pick?

Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom

Mads Mikkelson

I feel like this would be an incredible casting choice. Mikkelson just embodies so much of who I think Doom is. Charming, powerful, dark, always scheming. I would love to see Marvel make this happen.

Clive Owen

Owen is another one of those actors that just fits as a villain. I had him in my fan cast of the Captain Marvel movie, along with Brody. If Owen could do an Eastern European accent, I think he could be PERFECT for this role. I don't know that I could really decide between him or Mikkelson.


Who Would You Pick?

So there you have folks. The Fantastic Four back in the MCU. Let me know what you think.


Do You Want the Fantastic Four Back In-House In the MCU?


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