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Izzy Wizzy

So i decided to see this because it had Henry Cavill in it you know superman so that's one of the first things that sold me to watching this film.

The second being was the comic con trailer they showed way to much loads of ,fights,romance,car chases that's what really made me want to see this movie.

I have always been a fan of the 70s because of threes company being that this is in the 60s i was really interested in seeing how it played out.

I can say i'm really happy with this movie the action is wonderful i do wish their was a little more car chases but the fights make up for that.

The plot is simple a American and a Russian have to team up together to stop a bomb.

The two do not go together at first i did like the humor between the two i thought it was very funny when they have to ride the moped back because i have a moped and i now what its like ride with another bigger person it sucks.

Overall The Man From Uncle was worth paying for and worth watching worth buying on blu-ray if you so choose to.


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