ByIsaac David Brigmond, writer at

Well after I saw what Robin Williams did for a food bank then what he did to himself led me to think why do some stars in this world no matter if their stars of stage or movie or books or music or science or any job do so much good for the world then kill themselves didn't they know to keep the humanitarian work they did going they must live to do their part in the the work be like gondi doing all the good he did for the world then killing himself but I guess the good they do is what we see not the pain that are in them that made them kill themselves there are lies and secrets some we know and some we don't know of that have a lot to do with why they killed themselves if your not happy with life just talk to your fans there are some fans willing to help you through the pain and torment I believe that mister Williams could of used a big dose of the right fan talking to him and GOD AND JESUS some of you may think like me and some of you may not but I will still stick to my guns on this stuff.


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