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The DC Universe is a vastly unique place with characters who cover a wide array of emotions, abilities, and physical attributes. Much like Panem of The Hunger Games, the DCU is home to heroes of all kinds of different skills and backgrounds. If the DCU had a Hunger Games, who would represent the 12 districts, and more importantly, who would become the victor? Let's break it down!

District 1: Booster Gold

Who better to represent the district known for it's wealth and arrogance than Booster Gold? This district is known for making luxury items and creating "Careers" (trained Hunger Game contestants). Booster Gold fits perfectly for this district because he's a self-taught, self-righteous, self-chosen hero who thinks he's the greatest to ever live. Despite this, he is rather powerful. You can see is powers here.

District 2: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

District 2 is known for supplying Peacekeepers with most of their recruits. Considering the Green Lanterns are the DC Universe's galactic peacekeepers, and Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern to ever live, I figured he was a worthy choice. You can see all of Hal's powers here.

District 3: Cyborg

This district supplies all of the Capitol's technology. Cyborg is one of the most technologically advanced heroes in the DCU, so he will make a great competitor for this district! He could very well be a product of his district! Read all about his abilities here.

District 4: Aquaman

There is no better suited hero for the district known for fishing and aquatic expertise. Aquaman is the only choice for this district, but he is one powerful competitor so don't overlook him! Look at how well Finnick thrived in the games, and he wasn't even an Atlantean king like Aquaman! Check out all of Arthur Curry's powers and abilities here.

District 5: Captain Atom

Captain Atom is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU and is made of pure energy! He could act as the sole power provider for the district that is responsible for creating and distributing power to the Capitol. Check out Cap's awesome abilities here.

District 6: Batman

No one has more vehicles in the DCU than the Dark Knight. This is why he is perfect for the district that is known for creating transportation. There is no one else more capable of creating worthy transportation technology than Batman! If you don't know all of his skills for some reason, get acquainted with them here.

District 7: Swamp Thing

If you didn't even know Swamp Thing was a beloved comic book character, you need to brush up on his comic run! Swamp Thing is one hell of a powerful character, but more importantly, he is a character that understands the earth and forests more than most in the DCU. This is why he's perfect for the district associated with timber. Check out Swamp Thing's crazy powers here.

District 8: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has some of the strongest items on the planet and therefore, I chose her to represent District 8, which is responsible for making textiles. However, the real reason that Diana belongs to District 8 is the fact that this was the first district to rebel when Katniss stood up to the Capitol. Wonder Woman being an Amazon, you can be sure they'd be the first to rise up against an oppressor! Check out her demigod powers here.

District 9: Green Arrow

There's little known about this district other than there is some farmland there. However, I chose Green Arrow as the tribute because he dedicates his entire career to protecting the blue collar workers and every man. He'd want to represent this district in the games! Green Arrow's abilities can be seen here.

District 10: Rorschach

This district is known for being a weak and broken district. Many of the people are crippled and malnourished. Rorschach is a great tribute for this district because he is all about representing the lowest of the low. He himself is a broken and battered man who still chooses to fight against those who try to oppress the people of the world. Check out his skills here.

District 11: Superman

The last son of Krypton was chosen to represent this district because he grew up on a farm raising crops. He comes from a humble background, but he is a fierce competitor! If you for some reason don't know all of his crazy powers, check them out here.

District 12: Wildcat

Wildcat is mostly known for his role in leading and mentoring other heroes throughout the years. He was one of the first members of the JSA and helped shape what it meant to be a hero in the DCU. As the district that was the home of the rebellion, I thought there was no other character who embodied the traits of Katniss better than Wildcat! Despite being around for a long time, he has some cool powers. Check them out here!

The Winner!

Choose wisely, and be sure to leave a reason as to why you chose your winner! Hopefully you like the options that I presented! I really tried to match each hero to the district's purpose in The Hunger Games. It's important to remember that these are heroes, so killing might hinder some of them in the games. Also, check out all of the heroes' powers on so you can really decide who will win! Now, go and start voting on the winner! I'll be posting the winner next Thursday 8/27 so be sure to check back and see if your hero became the victor!

Also, big thanks to Comic Vine for all of the information!



Which hero would be your victor in the DCU Hunger Games?


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