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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of 2016 most anticipated movies hitting theaters. One of the things that have people talking is a possible after-credits scene for the movie. Could Batman v. Superman have a possible after- credits scene? Well down below are a few options that a possible after-credits scene could contain.

Hint of Justice League Villain?

The after credit scene for Batman vs Superman could possibly give us a tease of our future Justice League villain. Rumors suggest for Justice League Part 1 that famous DC villain Brainiac will be the villain for the first Justice League film scheduled to come out in 2017. So possibly we see a Brainiac tease? Who knows or maybe a Darkseid appearance or Doomsday coming down to Earth. Who knows but I have a feeling Batman v. Superman will give us a hint at our future Justice League villain.

Future Justice League member

A future member for our beloved Justice League could make a tease during the after credit scenes. Since this film is a set-up for the future Justice League film, don't be surprised to see hints of other DC heroes in the film. Aquaman is supposed to make a cameo and so as Victor Stone(Cyborg). But there rumors suggesting that Flash is in the film as well, so possibly we see him in a after credits scene or better yet Green Lantern. Personally i already believe the role for Hal Jordan/Green Lantern has already been cast so it wouldn't surprise me to see a tease for GL in a after credits scene.

Lex Luthor becoming a villain for Superman

t’s easy to forget, but Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice did actually start life off as a Man Of Steel sequel. Seeing as most of the supporting cast from that movie will return (not to mention the fact that Lex Luthor appears to be the primary villain) it definitely appears as if Superman will end up getting a little more of the spotlight when he clashes with Batman.

As a result, it would be no bad thing if Batman v Superman were to end with a tease of what lies in store for the still undated solo Superman movie. Anyone from Metallo to Brainiac could be hinted at, but Lex taking a further step into villainy seems like the best option.

Just picture Luthor walking through LexCorp after his plan to take down the Man of Steel has failed and entering a secret vault. The camera pans around to reveal his classic green and purple battle armour, a perfect way of teasing what’s to come both in his future and Superman’s. Of course, that’s assuming the two don’t end up fighting in this movie first…

Suicide Squad tease

This option is maybe the most smart business wise for WB/DC seeing as how Suicide Squad is supposed to release a few months after Batman v. Superman. It will help the film marketing wise and rise the level of hype for this film seeing as how it a relatively obscure property that only hardcore comic book fans are aware of. Maybe we see Amanda Waller overseeing the events of Batman v. Superman and she contacts government officials about setting up a team or maybe even a possible Jared Leto Joker appearance. It would be a perfect to really tie in Batman v. Superman to Suicide Squad and to the new DC movieverse as a whole.

Superman being resurrected

Now for all of you who have read my last article containing why Superman might possibly die in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, you know what i'm talking about. Now what if the after-credits scene shows Superman just floating in space after his battle with Doomsday and is supposedly "dead". Then all of a sudden you see his eyes open and the screen cuts to black. Wouldn't that be so flipping epic seeing the Man of Steel return for the Justice League film in style. Now i know this point will likely be the most unpopular choice but hey it always a possibility right?

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What will the after-credits scene for Batman vs. Superman show?


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