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One of the great things about the internet is how it so often shines a spotlight on those people doing good out there in the world that we otherwise wouldn't have known about.

One of those people was 51-year-old Maryland man Lenny B. Robinson, who was sadly killed Sunday night when struck by a car.

Robinson, who was known around his community and the internet as "Route 29 Batman," rose to a level of internet fame due to his hobby of dressing up in a full Batman costume and driving his black Lamborghini "Batmobile" to visit children's hospitals.

Robinson visiting Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Robinson visiting Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

But his Batmobile experienced some engine trouble and Robinson pulled off to the side of the road during a return trip from West Virginia, where he had been attending a car show. He was struck while investigating the source of the breakdown.

The accident is currently under investigation, but so far, no charges have been filed.

Robinson was one of the good ones, and this is a sad loss. Everyone, throw a Batarang in his honor today.

(Source: Washington Post)


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