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Who doesn’t love to laugh? We all love a good chuckle. That’s why we watch sitcoms. We park ourselves on our couches, turn on the TV and uncontrollably laugh as our favorite characters get into ridiculous situations.

Who exactly are our favorite characters? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my personal favorites. Most of them will likely be in your top 10 as well, but some may not even be on your radar. In my opinion, here are the top 10 funniest characters from sitcoms:

Carlton Banks

Any character who has a dance named after him belongs on this list.

Kimmy Schmidt

The Indiana Mole Woman has made me laugh as much as any other character on this list.

Phil Dunphy

Who doesn’t want to follow Phil’s-osophy?

Barney Stinson

This character is absolutely legen... wait for it....dary!

Ron Swanson

Ron is a man. He has made me laugh. I’ve said too much.

Chandler Bing

Could this guy BE any funnier?

Andy Dwyer

The greatest rockstar in the world that also helped all of us realize that butter is our favorite food.

Will Smith

If you perform your own theme song and everyone knows all of the words 25 years later, you make the list.

Troy Barnes

He’s hilarious but also he isn’t?

Geoffrey Butler

A supporting character is rarely as funny as Geoffrey is. He’s the hilarious proof that it’s hard to find good help these days.


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