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Teen Wolf Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1:

After defeating the Dread doctors, Kira moves away (or she dies in season 5). Malia and Stiles need a break (or already broke up in season 5). Parrish dies, but comes back. (Or died in season 5 and comes back). Scott gets stronger. Liam and Hayden have a great time. Brett moves to Beacon Hills. Mason, Corey and Lydia are back too. Theo is back too ( as a good guy, if he died in 5B, he comes back in a way. If he was totally bad, figure something out). Bryan (Zayn Malik) is a new guy that moves to Beacon Hills but he is no good. Stiles asks Scott to trust him and not help Bryan in anything. But Scott gets attacked by a full Alpha pack, but they aren't just Werewolves.

Season 6, Episode 2:

After Theo and Liam get attacked by a Were-Dragon. Scott, Stiles and Lydia try to figure out how Parrish got back from a dead like that. When Isaac returns he gets attacked by a Were-Lion, Were-Hyena and WereWolf. But Jackson and Malia are there to help him. Bryan tries to attack Hayden. Derek comes back and saves Hayden. Corey and Mason have a great time, but when a Were-Shark jumps in the pool and transforms he kills Corey and Brett saves Mason. Scott and Parrish have a little chat, but when a Were-Bear attacks them, they have to work toghetter. But they bearly get out alive. Stiles and Lydia have to run away from a Were-Gorilla.

Season 6, Episode 3

Theo and Liam are still running away from a Were-Dragon, but Scott's there to save them. When Derek saves Stiles and Lydia. Chris Argent gets attacked by a Were-Dog and Were-Jackal. Sheriff Stilinski tries to help, but that doesn't go well. When Stilinski tries to call Stiles, it doesn't go well, so he calls Malia for help. Malia and Isaac, Derek go to help them. Jackson and Lydia have a chat but that doesn't go well, but when Lydia gets attacked by Bryan, the Alpha Jackson is there to help Lydia. But the True Alpha scott is there to ask Jackson if he wants to join his pack. Theo, Liam and Brett search for Mason, but it seems that they kidnapped them. So they try to tell Scott but they get attacked. Parrish is there to help them.

Season 6, Episode 4

Stiles has a problem to trusting Theo, and that leaves them both in a car talking shit, but they get attacked by the Were-Dragon. Theo and Stiles can't beat this thing, so they call Derek. But Derek, Isaac, Chris and Scott have a problem when they get attacked by some witches. Jackson, Parrish and Scott are searching for Mason, but they can't find him. Hayden and Liam are trying to find Scott, because they found a clue about where Mason might be, but it doesn't go well, when a Hybride of Vampire and Werewolf attacks them. Parrish and Stilinski try to find Stiles, but they seem to be gone. Scott almost kills Derek in a spell, but his True Alpha powers get him out of it. Brett finds Liam and helps him. Theo and Stiles are in the same place as Mason. But no supernatural creature can come in or go out. Peter finds Kate and knows if he kills her, her power goes into him. But Kate ends up beating the shit out of him. Scott's pack is falling apart again, but very different.

Season 6, Episode 5

Theo, let's Stiles and Mason escape, but Stiles doesn't wants to leave Theo, but they don't get far either. Liam, Hayden and Brett also get kidnapped by the Witches and Were-Creatures pack. Bryan tries to take Jackson's powers but that idn't go well for Bryan. Derek saves Chris from 2 witches. Scott sees Isaac and Malia disapeare in his eyes because of the witches. Lydia sees Peter back in Beacon Hills and isn't a fan of it. Theo fights 2 witches but ends up losing all his powers. When a Werewolf Alpha gets into town and bites Parrish he isn't happy because he ends up in fire. Jackson and Scott are trying to find Stiles and Theo. But they don't get far. Alan Deaton calls Scott but he doesn't get far, when also Deaton disapeares.

Season 6, Episode 6

Scott finds a clue about where his pack might be. But Bryan and his friend the Hybride try to attack him. But Scott defeats them easily. Jackson and Derek try to find Peter. Peter and Kate have a rematch. Chris and Stilinski get attacked by witches, but they fight back. Another witch names Michelle gets them out of the building. Scott finds his kidnapped pack and tries to get in, but its difficult to get in a place full of mountain ash. But he does it. He shows what True means in True Alpha. He gets his pack out. Stiles thanks Theo to try.

Season 6, Episode 7

Scott and Stiles fight a Were-Dragon. Isaac finds them and helps them. Derek fight Kate and has more succes than Peter and defeats her. If he takes her power he becomes an Alpha, but Peter does that for him. Peter tries to kill Derek. But Jackson saves Derek, but Derek doesn't backs down and takes Peter's alpha powers. Theo and Liam find Scott and Stiles. Isaac is dying, but Scott saves him, while Theo and Liam try to defeat the Were-Dragon. Malia, Lydia, Stilinski, Chris, Lydia and Michelle get attacked by a Were-Lion, Were-Hyena, Were-Gorilla, Were-Bear, Were-Salamander and a Vampire. After Theo, Scott, Liam and Stiles get to Derek and Jackson they see Kate dead on the ground and Peter freaked out. When Brett and Mason save Hayden from a Were-Jackal. Some witches attack Theo, Scott, Liam, Stiles, Derek and Jackson, and the pack doesn't have a lot of luck.

Season 6, Episode 8

Scott and Stiles fall asleep when they try to protect Stilinski from the witches. Scott and Stiles have some sarcasm with Stilinski, when they have a funny breakfast. They get attacked by witches. Scott gets Stilinski and Stiles out but he loses a lot of power. Theo asks Scott to bite him, because he doesn't wants to be just a human. Scott asks Stiles if he can trust Theo, Stiles tells Scott he can. Theo can take Scott's power, but he doesn't and is really loyal. Liam and Theo find Hayden almost dead. Parrish and Lydia fight the Were-Dragon. Malia and Stiles get toghetter to find out how many vampires exist, but then Michelle tells them only witches and Vampires can make Vampires and there will be arround 10 Vampires and all 10 in Beacon Hills. Derek, Jackson and Peter have a chat and Derek saves Peter from some witches. But Derek and Jackson lose a lot of power.

Season 6, Episode 9

Theo and Liam are saving Hayden but they lose a lot of Power. Scott tries to fight Bryan, but he doesn't has a lot of succes, but Stiles and Jackson save him, even Jackson almost dies. Derek get's attacked by a Vampire, but Peter helps him, Ethan who's back in town saves Brett, Mason, Malia and Lydia. Michelle and Malia try to find Chris who disapeared 12 hours ago, but had to meet them 6 hours ago already, so they try to find him. Parrish and Stilinski get attacked by 3 Vampires and 2 Witches. But Isaac saves them but he loses a lot of power.

Season 6, Episode 10

Theo, Peter and Parrish still have all of there powers. Scott, Derek, Liam, Hayden, Malia, Lydia, Jackson, Isaac and Brett have all lost 90% of there powers. If Derek and Jackson don't get back some powers they can go back to being Betas. Scott is lucky that his True Alpha status isn't going anywhere yet. Malia, Michelle, Lydia, Stiles and Scott try to find Morell but Derek finds her first but they get attacked by witches. Theo, Isaac, Hayden, Liam and Peter try to fight the witches but they all lose a lot of power. Jackson, Mason and Brett fight the Were-Dragon but Jackson goes back to being a Beta and they have it really difficult. Ethan tries to save them but he almost get's killed.

After The Break:

Season 6, Episode 11

When Jackson goes back to being a Beta and almost dies, Scott gives him a lot of his power, by taking away his pain. Scott gives everybody a lot of his power and they get really strong. Everybody is save but Scott passes out. Mellisa tries to save him, but he is almost dead. Deaton knows what to do. Scott awakes as a full wolf and has more power than ever. Deaton knows why. Because he saved his pack. Everybody is happy, but the witches aren't.

Season 6, Episode 12

Jackson kills a Were-Hyena. Scott tells him, he isn't mad. This aren't victimes, this are people that would kill a lot of people. Peter kills the Were-Dog and Were-Jackal and because they're Alphas, he becomes an Alpha. Scott, Ethan and Isaac try to find the Were-Dragon. Jackson, Stiles and Liam find the Were-Bear, and Liam kills him by mistake and becomes an Alpha, but he isn't happy. The Were-Gorilla attacks Malia, Parrish and Lydia. Michelle get attacked by the Were-Dragon but Scott and Isaac get there, when they defeat the Were-Dragon they go away, but the Were-Dragon isn't dead. Hayden, Brett and Mason find Theo almost dead. He got attacked by a witch. Bryan attacks Peter, but Peter isn't very mad. He decides not to kill Bryan yet. Ethan

Season 6, Episode 13

Peter tells Scott, he won't try to take his power. Scott doesn't believe him, but when they get attacked by Bryan and the Hybride Ethan gets killed by the hybride and Peter almost gives his life for Scott, they all forgot about the lunar eclipse. When no one has power, the witches try to attack Stiles and Lydia, but they get out. When Isaac and Jackson save Malia, Brett, Mason and Liam from the witches they all wait till the lunar eclipse is over.

Season 6, Episode 14 (1 hour, 30 minutes episode)

Stiles and Jackson fight the Were-Shark. Scott and Isaac fight the Were-Dragon. Theo, Liam and Hayden fight 4 Vampires. Peter, Chris, Stilinski and Derek fight 2 Witches. Michelle, Lydia, Malia, Brett, Hayden, Mason and Ethan who didn't really died, faked his dead for Bryan and the Hybride to think they can win. They try to fight the Were-Lion, 2 Werewolves, Were-Hyena and Were-Monkey. Stiles and Jackson kill the Were-Shark and drive to Scott and Isaac, everybody won, but only 2 Vampires and a Were-Shark died. But when Derek kills a Witch, the witches all come toghetter to kill Scott's pack. When Beacon Hills is surrounded by 25 Witches, 15 Vampires ( new ones), An Alpha pack and a new Hale, the pack has it very difficult. Parrish and Lydia fight some Vampires. Lydia goes to Stiles to fight more vampires, while Scott and Liam fight a witch, then Lydia and Malia fight a Were-Monkey. Stiles and Derek fight some witches. Liam goes to help Brett and Mason to fight more witches. When Isaac and Scott fight more witches. Then Liam and Hayden ahve some romance. Mason kisses Brett. But Parrish and Petter don't have a lot of succes fighting some witches. Chris, melissa and Stilinksi fight a Hybride. Bryan attacks Jackson who finds Stiles in school. The pack is under but they start winning. Scott tells the pack to kill all the bad guys, because they will only make more badguys. But only this badguys. Theo and Ethan kill a witch. Ethan leaves town.

Season 6, Episode 15

Scott and Stiles find Liam and Hayden. The 4 try to fight the Were-Lion and Were-Monkey. Jackson, Derek and Isaac kill a Kanima and the Hybride. Theo, Brett, Mason and Peter fight 2 Witches. The Were-Dragon almost kills Chris. Stilinski shoots the Were-Dragon but he couldn't kill it. Lydia and Malia have a chat about Stiles and Jackson.

Season 6, Episode 16

Isaac kills a witch saving Malia. Malia kisses Isaac. Lydia and Stiles fight some vampires. Parrish, Derek, Peter, Stilinski and Clarke fight the Were-Monkey and kill it. Theo, Brett, Hayden, Liam, Jackson and Chris kill a lot of Were-Creatures.

Season 6, Episode 17

Ethan comes back. But get's killed by Bryan and 2 Vampires. Scott runs after Bryan, and fights Bryan, he almost kills Bryan, but Peter kills him for Scott. Scott and Peter fight some witches. Isaac, Theo, Stiles and Lydia fight some vampires. Liam, Hayden, Mason and Brett fight a Witch. Derek, Parrish, Theo and Stilinski try to fight the Were-Lion. Isaac, Malia, Michelle and Jackson fight the Were-Salamander.

Season 6, Episode 18

Scott gets attacked by Theo and Peter. The witches had a great spell for that. Scott tries to save them both. But he fights back, and calls Jackson and Derek. Stiles, Liam, Peter and Stilinski fight a witch. Malia, Lydia, Michelle, Parrish, Brett, Hayden and Chris get trapped by someone. They think its the witch but it seems to be Bryan.

Season 6, Episode 19

Parrish kills Bryan and they escape. Scott brings Theo and Peter back to normal. Scott and Stiles fight the Were-Dragon and call Derek. Jackson, Isaac, Peter and Malia fight the Were-Salamander. Stilinski, Chris, Theo, Michelle and Lydia fight the Were-Lion. Brett, Hayden, Mason, Liam, Parrish and Clarke fight the new Bad guy Hale in town. Derek kills the Were-Dragon. Isaac kills the Were-Salamander. Theo kills the Were-Lion.

Season 6, Episode 20.

Peter isn't happy with the new Hale and kills him. Derek, Scott, Liam, Theo, Stiles and Peter fight 12 Witches. And are doing it very good. Lydia, Malia, Michelle and Parrish find a way to kill the witches, and they do it succesfully. Stilinski and Melissa have a romantic scene. Jackson, Theo, Isaac and Chris fight the other witches. When all the witches are gone Lydia and Stiles have a moment (not a kiss). Malia and Isaac have a sexy kiss scene. Jackson and Derek have a Bromance scene. Also Morell is back and she kisses Derek. Michelle and Scott have a cute hug. Parrish thanks Peter and tell him he can go free and doesn't has to go back to Beacon Hills. Brett and Mason kiss and Hayden and Liam do the same. Everybody is happy. Theo thanks Scott and hugs Stiles.

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