ByErlend Hedegart, writer at
Superman is known for having a curl to make it less easier to recognize him. But now there has been found evidence which propose that Supermans curl in fact is Jokers crowbar. Could it be that Joker managed to cut the curl off Supermans hair without him noticing. And By using some of Palmers thecnology and shrink to ant size (that is right. Ant man refference there). And use some kryptonite stolen from Lex Luthor and cut the curl off? Chanses are that Joker also used some of Palmers thecnology to Reverse the power of his suits and make the curl so big as a crowbar and use some kind of chemicals to make the hair hard? Is Joker a secret genius? (Read more in my next article). Just look in the picture above to see the simimarities to jokers Crowbar and Supermans curl. Not convinced? Check it out yourself. The evidence is there

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