ByMichael Metzger, writer at

Throughout time, many strange and unexplainable things have happened. People report ghosts, witches, and other kinds of inhuman stories. However, stories about paranormal entities are some of the most disturbing factors ever recorded. This may count as ghosts, poltergeists, and etc. But there is one that many people are familiar with, and some are not. This entity has been known for various acts, such as stalking and kidnapping children and making people go insane by mental harm. There are many names for this monster. It has come by derGrobman, the angel, master, the white king, the tall man, or the Slender Man. Although, no bodies is sure if this entity actually exists, but sightings still acure each year. The scary part about this, is that people have actually murdered others out of believe that the Slender Man existed, and that if they did not do as told, then the Slender Man would take them. This the Slender Man seen in an old painting by a German woodcutter in the 1990's at most.

To be honest, I think that this would make a great movie plot. It would be creepy, suspenseful, and of we got the right director, such as M. Night Shyamalan, then it would come out perfect. But, research is necessary for when making a movie based on this creature. A lot of stories and happenings have taken place all over the world and through time. It would be Important to include that.


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