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Many of us spent our younger days happily streaming Disney Channel on the television day in and day out. Kim Possible, Lizzie Mcguire and Even Stevens might have been classics from our tween days, but That's So Raven might arguably be the best of the bunch! The popular show, which followed the wacky adventures of a teen psychic and her two best friends, is the Disney Channels highest rated show to date, the only Disney show to have reached 100 episodes, and one of the most beloved shows in Disney Channel history.

8 years later, the cast decided to surprise fans with a hilarious reunion on a special episode of The View! The View co-host Raven-Symoné invited fellow Disney Channel alumni Anneliese van der Pol, Orlando Brown, and Kyle Massey to reminisce on their time together in the show as well as special behind-the-scene secrets fans had never heard before.

Tha't So Raven was actually initially called Absolutely Psychic and didn't even star the sassy, out going Raven, who was originally cast as the best friend. Later, when the casting was rearranged, Raven used her leverage as lead actress to help Anneliese snag the part of bubbly best friend Chelsea Daniels!

Anneliese actually didn't get the part of Chelsea in the beginning. Somebody else had the part. [But] I remember when we were in the audition room, I was like, 'I would rather play best friends with her than the girl you guys picked.'

The on screen friendships between Chelsea, Eddie, and Raven seem to have leaked into reality since the trio jokingly claim to have the regular That's So Raven Tuesdays full of cooking and fun! Their time in the limelight also didn't end with the finale of the show. Annaliese can be seen with her special guest Raven at her solo show 54 Below in New York City, while Orlando Brown's talents can be heard in his R&B and rap music!

The reunion undeniably gave fans a bad case of the feels! Let's cross our fingers that the cast's onscreen appearance may the beginning of an awesome That's So Raven reunion episode!

Check out the reunion parts 1 and 2 below!




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