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Whats up guys its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X with Episode 2 of "Worth It?", and today I'll give you my thoughts on the upcoming film "[Hitman: Agent 47](tag:593267)" and I'll ask the question and give you my answer on weather the movie is worth it or not. So this movie will be a sequel to the original Hitman movie back in 2007 that I thought was okay, nothing amazing, just kind of the same old movie and I'm a bit scared this will be no different.

They got a new cast, but when does that change the overall enjoyment of a film, barley I know. We had Terminator Genisys earlier this year and they basically wanted a reboot of it, then again nobody will remember that movie for years to come. Me personally, I almost forgot about the original Hitman and just because the movie didn't suck, it doesn't mean that we will be talking about the movie over and over.

Something that the trailers did do that I like is the action of course, and the big question is will the movie contain more action than it should? I really do think the story sounds good, a girl being kidnapped and has a certain skills nobody else had, and to stop people she teams up with Agent 47, and from the looks of this movie, Rupert Friend's acting skills are great, and he has that vibe that says, "I'll kill you!" and that is the whole point of the Hitman's job.

A bit off topic, but in the trailer we get the song All Along The Watchtower that fit the trailer perfectly to the trailer, and the helicopter scene was a great cherry on the top. I really hope if the story with Hannah Ware has a bigger interest and is a big focus on the movie, and the good thing about this movie is that we will see how skilled is Aleksander Bach as a director.

So even though it looked like I was crapping on the movie before we saw it in the beginning, I still believe that this movie will be NOT WORTH IT! It will be just another ordinary movie that will be forgotten in the next day. Once again its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X and Until Then, I'm Out!


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