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Jeremy Dunckel
...tioning in the comments. Didn't know specifically about the bondage and polyamorous stuff, but it makes sense. I have read a bit of the old 40s Wonder Woman and it is definitely there, I just never took note. In fact, I've always felt modern iterations of Wonder Woman had some unspecific thing lacking in them that makes Wonder Woman precisely what she is, and this may be the thing. Personally, I don't think bondage is all that kinky, seems pretty normal to me. Most everybody plays around with something "unusual" in their sexual adventures (making them basically NOT unusual at all, we just have a stupid culture of shame and silence, so I think this is a perfectly good and acceptable use and purpose behind the character of Wonder Woman -- especially since it was about female liberation, equality, empowerment, and sexual freedom and acceptance, without being overtly erotic nor pornographic for the kiddies who read this stuff [and adults who read it too]) I am a fan of Wonder Woman AND her creator.

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