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Who Am I?

As the new season of American Horror Story fast approaches (7th October), it has got me pondering on just how much the show has upped the game for future TV shows.

Firstly, can we give a big hand to the cast members??? WOW. Every single cast member brings so much to the table, from Evan Peters' hopeless romantic Tate to Lily Rabe's tormented nun Sister Mary Eunice. I believe the cast of AHS are on a whole other level of acting and are a HUGE force to be reckoned with. Let's not forget the queen herself Mrs Jessica Lange, seriously every time that woman is on the screen i'm in bewildered awe of how she even gets the strength to get through those scenes. You can literally see her pour her soul into each and every character she portrays and i believe she truly is definitely up there with the best actresses of her generation. Please come back to us Jessica, season 5 just wont be the same without you :(

Alongside the tremendously talented cast there are the equally talented writers. They have had their work cut out for them from day one and although things may have slid slightly south in freak show, the writers overall have delivered jaw dropping twist and turns, captivating relationships and a real connection with their characters. They have made seemingly odd or horrific topics (depending on your perspective) more mainstream. (When have you ever seen a ghost in a gimp suit before, huh??)

Long may American Horror Story reign and honestly if you haven't watched this show, Iurge you to. It may be your road to enlightenment. :)

Come October (coincidentally my favorite time of year), I shall have a glass of red wine (wish i will be pretending is blood of course) in hand and my voodoo doll beside me, eagerly awaiting to check into AHS Hotel. Do us proud AHS, keep those scares coming.

Oh by the way, I'm dead, wanna hook up??


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