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While DC's slate of live-action superhero shows is slowly spreading across several network tv channels, it seems as though there aren't any more planned for CW's already 10-hour weekly slate of programming. CW President Mark Pedowitz addressed the channel's relationship with DC, and it's future within the realm of superheroes, according to the LA Times.

"There is no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off," Pedowitz said, knocking out any hopes for a growing CW roster of heroes. With Arrow, The Flash, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) on the CW, as well as Vixen on CW seed, the network likely doesn't want to get itself too inundated with superhero titles right now. This, of course, puts out the light on any hopes of a Constantine revival or any future caped crusaders on The CW.

Regardless, The CW is open to crossover specials, despite CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler insisting that there would be no crossovers between Supergirl and The CW's heroes. "We’re open to crossovers," said Pedowitz. "It’s Greg’s call because he understands his shows."

DC, of course, has plenty of other options when it comes to shopping their shows out to other networks: Gotham currently airs on FOX, and Supergirl will air on CBS. So, while we may no longer see new leading heroes on The CW, superhero TV is far from suddenly coming to a standstill.


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