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So, i finally got around to watching the Pilot of the newest Fox series called Lucifer. This upcoming series will include elements of horror, drama, crime and a most bizarre sense of humor by our main character Lucifer. The series follows Lucifer (or the devil to make it crystal clear) who after getting increasingly bored of Hell decides to leave and head to the city of Angels and open up a prestigious night club and has to deal with various problems such as controlling Hell and trying to live a rather ordinary life in LA while using his magic powers to get by.

The Lord of Hell becomes a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) while running his own nightclub called Lux. Among other things, he has a supernatural awareness of any person's sins, and the ability to compel them to speak the truth. He enjoys using these abilities to expose sinners in public.

Welsh actor Tom Ellis portrays the lead role of Lucifer Morningstar, and Lauren German is the second lead character who portrays an LAPD detective.

I found the pilot to be very amusing, and entertaining thankfully as i was very skeptical as to how Fox would make such a controversial character work. The pilot had comedy mixed very well with serious dealings and it certainly looks very promising. One thing is clear is that the story has massive options of expansion and plenty possibilities for the writers to develop a solid story for the audience to stay loyal.

My initial skepticism has now been withdrawn and i am eagerly awaiting the official release of the series in 2016. Tom Ellis is clearly able to handle the lead role very well and is accompanied by a very strong female presence of Lauren German, both of the from the pilot at least look like they have found an awesome chemistry between them and the series producers have certainly done a good job in casting both of them.

This series will no doubt be accompanied by various criticism as to the portrayal of Satan, however people should remember that this is purely meant as entertainment with a character who is loosely based by the comic adaptations of Lucifer in the DC comics.

Overall, Lucifer has proven with the pilot that they can make this work exactly as it should and i am expecting a solid series to unfold in 2016.


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