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Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe only spoke on two of their upcoming movies at D23, Doctor Strange and [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), they delivered with excitement and awesomeness. I mean, come on guys, this is Marvel.

After going silent through SDCC and reserving all announcements until this weekend, we were all more than hyped for any and all bits of news. When they showed the sizzle reel before even beginning - and it encompassed all Disney movies animation, live-action, Marvel and Star Wars - anything that popped up and had to do with Marvel received the most cheering.

We were so excited we looked over the fact that so much was left unsaid and we only learned about two movies. But now it's time for you to learn about these two movies, too:

Doctor Strange

As explained by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, this movie has girls, cars, explosions, and a bit of astral projection, you know, the usual.

Because there has been little filming done, there was no footage to be shown. However, the creators were able to bring us some fantastic concept art that no one will be able to see again until after the movie comes out.

The concept art was then strung into a short clip almost narrating the story that Doctor Strange will be telling us next November. First, we saw images of Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) as a surgeon, essentially just working on some body. The next thing we see is the accident that disfigures his hands. And then we see Stephen Strange in a hospital bed with his hands in front of his face and he looks distraught because he can no longer be a surgeon.

The images all came so quickly, so there's a good chance I'm not remembering them all, so I want to talk about the ones that really stood out to me. The first is an image of what I think is Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One standing before Stephen Strange. It was hard to exactly tell who was in the image, because the main focus was the building they were standing in, and of course, I looked straight towards the two people in the center, ignoring the rest.

From there we were shown several images of Stephen training, and it looks incredibly grounded in the real world, but the cosmic and magical aspects were clear as well. It was easy to believe that this magic was actually possible in the world set up by Marvel. One image in particular shows Doctor Strange being attacked by another man, and the man's arm is going through Doctor Strange and essentially pushing out Strange's astral projection from within his body. And from the face that Strange is making, it's clear that he was not expecting that and is taking a moment to understand what's going on in the midst of this fight.

The last image I want to talk about is actually a series of images and it's Doctor Strange's actual costume. There were three, maybe four images with Doctor Strange in full costume. These images were all so similar to each other that I'm not entirely sure if they were different or not. But what was great about that was that they were all incredibly faithful to the comics. This costume is quite possibly the most faithful to the comics out of all our heroes so far, and it's probably because of the magic. Marvel doesn't have to really explain where the suit came from or what materials it's made of or why it doesn't look "normal." It looks the way it does because Doctor Strange is magical.

This was only concept art, and doesn't actually show us how the movie itself is doing or going along, but I'm still looking forward to it. It's just a wee bit sad it was overlooked because of the other movie we were informed about...

Captain America: Civil War

Civil War. Boy, oh boy, was this amazing. They only have one week left in production so of course they had some amazing goodies for us. The first was Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans showing up. The excitement in the room was nearly unbearable. And then we were shown the trailer for Civil War. Can you imagine.

That was a great trailer, let me tell you. The best part about it was that there was so little actually revealed. Nothing was shown that would absolutely ruin the movie for you.

Now that I've stalled long enough to make you probably skip ahead to the actual description, let's get into it.

The trailer opens up with Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon on a mission. They're watching a truck roll into some town or village that appears to be in the Middle East, or a similar geographical area. Falcon is up on high looking down, ready to swoop in at any moment. Black Widow is incognito hanging out between a few people there (though, I don't think she can hide too well now that she's associated with saving the world twice and has bright red hair, but what do I know?). I honestly can't remember where Cap is hiding out, but he had to have been too because he's in full costume.

Falcon activates something called a Red Wing, some droid tech thing that comes off of his wing-pack and flies down towards the truck. It goes underneath it and we're shown footage from the droid itself as it hovers beneath the moving truck. It activates heat vision or something similar and we see the driver. Falcon says that the situation is dangerous due to a battering ram within the truck.

Falcon flies into action, literally. Black Widow takes on three guys at once. And the Captain America and Crossbones fight starts.

In the fight, Crossbones says something along the lines of, "The last time we were like this, you dropped a building on my face," most likely telling a clueless Cap who he is. Captain America disarms Crossbones and removes his helmet. Crossbones then reveals to Cap that Bucky remembered who Steve was. At what point though, it's hard to tell exactly, it could be before the events of Winter Soldier or after, since Cap doesn't know for certain if that's true (he was unconscious when Bucky saved him, after all).

Next we see an image of Bucky in a cell and he looks pretty crazy, banging against the glass door trying to break out. But as we all know, whenever someone gets put into a glass cell they break out (Loki, Magneto twice, Thor, Khan), of course.

Another scene shows Cap and Bucky talking. Bucky's mechanical arm is pinned between two heavy pieces of metal so he can't use it, immobilizing him. And Steve asks Bucky if he knows who he (Cap) is. Bucky responds by telling him about his mom and how he used to put newspapers in his shoes. From there, they're the best of buds again.

We're shown several flashes of images as General Ross talks to someone about how the world owes them a great debt for what they've done for humanity, but more people prefer to use the word "vigilante." Now, it's easy to assume he's talking to Captain America, however Cap has government affiliations and is more seen as a soldier than a vigilante (because he is a soldier). It's more likely that Ross is talking to Iron Man, Ant-Man, or possibly even Spider-Man.

In these flashes of images, we're shown a look of a black suit, or something very close to black. I thought that maybe this was Spider-Mn, because it could be just a really dark blue. But I actually think it was Black Panther. We're never shown a full image of Spider-Man (I know, it was incredibly upsetting), but we are shown a full image of Black Panther, whose suit is both incredibly faithful to the source material and original at once, and more faithful than most of our heroes so far.

Also during these flashes of images, we're shown a quick shot of the funeral. Men are carrying the casket into the funeral home and there's a flag draped across it. Most interestingly, the flag appears to be the Union Jack. Which should rule out the rest of our Avengers. Natasha is Russian, Scarlet Witch is from Sokovia, and everyone else is American. The only British character I can think of to die would be Peggy Carter. And that can easily explain why Cap is carrying her casket.

We also see a total of two scenes with Iron Man in it. The first, Tony is talking to Cap and says how sometimes he wants to punch him in those perfect teeth of his. Literally in the next scene, Tony is wearing the Iron Man suit and has a black eye. Maybe Cap gave him the black eye, or it was Falcon, or Hawkeye, or it was an angry Spider-Man deciding to switch over to Cap's side. However he got it, he is very angry in this shot, and looks about ready to start a war.

More images flash and we see Scarlet Witch, Vision, and all of our other characters kind of hanging around and slowly forming up teams. And then Ant-Man shows up.

He arrives in the back of a van, asleep. He wakes up to the door opening and sees Cap which gets him very excited. He walks over and shakes Cap's hand, saying what an honor it is to meet him. He then says, "I'm still shaking your hand," after a good while. He goes on to say, "Thank you for thanking of me. I mean, thank you for thinking of me." He looks to Scarlet Witch and says, "I know you too, but this is Captain America. Wow."

Lastly, we're shown a clip of Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting each other. According to the team rosters revealed (if they're true), the two are enemies. However, the fight is quite interesting. Black Widow claims to Hawkeye, "I hope we're still friends." To which Hawkeye answers with, "It depends on how hard you hit me." Now, this could easily just be the two of them trying to stay friends despite being on opposite sides of the war, you know, because of all they've been through together. But I think it's far more likely that Black Widow is acting as a double agent here, and this fight is a setup to get Iron Man to believe she's on his side. What would be even more interesting, is if it is in fact Hawkeye who goes double agent here pretending to be with Cap and is actually on Iron Man's side.

Another part about the trailer I noticed after the fact is that Black Widow still has long hair in the trailer, in every scene she's in. At first I didn't find it odd until I remembered that Scarlett Johansson had gotten her hair buzzed recently. Because it wasn't shown in the trailer, I'm not really sure why her hair is cut short. Maybe the hair gets cut later on after she betrays Iron Man and has to go into hiding. Maybe she cuts her hair to be more edgy. Maybe it was cut for another movie Scarlett Johansson's involved with, be it Marvel or another. Or maybe Johansson just wanted to change it up in her personal life.

Whatever the reasoning, her hair isn't short in the trailer and that does bring up several questions. For now, all we can really do is wait for the movie to release and see what happens.

Marvel Rocked D-23

Kevin Feige wasn't on stage for very long as he presented us with the information about these two films, but he didn't need to be. I know some of you wanted more, but I'm happy with having as few spoilers as possible. And I think everyone in the audience can agree.

It was just enough excitement for all of us to be pumped for these upcoming films. The trailers and more information will be dropped soon enough. Hang in there, guys, it's well worth the wait!


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