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Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) really is the leading lady in this hilarious action comedy. McCarthy plays the mousy, walk all over, Susan Cooper, the 'secretary' CIA agent whom stays out of the action and talks to her associate, bond-like Bradley Fines (Jude Law) through an ear piece, informing him of dangers he can't see. On one particularly tricky mission, Cooper (McCarthy) watches as her agent Fines is murdered by Rayna (Rose Byrne), a women involved with dealing a portable Nuclear weapon, without any way of helping him.

Under the threat that the deadly Rayna knows the identities of all the top notch agents at the CIA, McCarthy steps up, or should I say out, to get revenge on her partner and beloved Fines. Taking on new identities, she turns out to be the CIAs best asset as she sails through deadly situations, saving lives and essentially the world from a nuclear explosion. A classic tale of a mediocre woman becoming a leading lady.

This film goes from good to brilliant in under ten seconds. Not only is it led by the hilarious McCarthy, Miranda Hart has her own laughs as she too enters the world of dangerous deeds. Even 50 Cent gets a giggle in. Not only does this film have a brilliant all star cast that couldn't be more perfect for there characters, it has some witty one-liners that you simply won't forget. The soundtrack brilliantly emphasizes the ridiculous scenarios in which the agents find themselves and the CGI is on point. Although the film is extremely comical, the crude language is certainly not for children. Other than that, the film really does have something for everyone. You certainly will not forget this film, or fall asleep.


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