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Whether you're a fan, a hater, or on the fence, Man of Steel is one of the most controversial superhero movies EVER! Fans say it was fine. Critics say it was an abomination. Some say it was good and others say it was okay. Regardless of what we think, people are still arguing about the film NOW and probably in the future too. Let's talk!

1. The Action

Yes, one of the biggest arguments for this movie was the action. Some say it was too much action. Anyway, they say it was mindless destruction and Superman not exactly showing much empathy. Speaking of Superman...

2. Superman's Character

Many say this movie wasn't made for Superman fans. This showed a character that was less experienced, trying to find a path, and parents on both sides of his family had different ideals resulting to an internal conflict within Clark. Superman's character is designed to be a prestigious hero who is decisive on saving people. Some would say the internal conflict didn't boot well with the core of Superman's character.

3. Empathy

This is a big one as well. This also goes with Superman's character. The argument is... did Superman truly care for the destruction and lives in Metropolis? Many say Superman was too preoccupied with fighting and stopping Zod, while others say he should have show care and try his hardest to minimize the damage. Also, remorse.

4. Character Development

This goes hand and hand with the last two. With all the things that happened in Clark's life, did he develop as a character? What I mean is Superman trying has hardest to save the planet and show compassion when it comes to the damage in Metropolis. Some say he didn't care and the pacing in the end did not help. Others would say there was no time to show that.

5. Batman v Superman SDCC Trailer

Batman v Superman in general brings up all the problems MoS had and turned them into a story narrative. WB/DC is using the "Black Zero" event to set up the DCEU. Basically, we're going back to the controversy in MoS.

6. The First and ONLY Movie For The DCEU For 2 Years

No denying that! MoS since 2013 was the only DC movie for the DCEU. BvS was suppose to come out summer 2015, but moved twice (not important for this discussion). If DC made more movies... people would forgive them for MoS, if they're good.

7. A Comparison To Marvel

Bound to happen. Like I said, if DC had made at least 2 movies between MoS and BvS, it would be better, but that's not the case. People say that the Avengers actually cared about the lives and damage in both movies and did their best to save people.

In Conclusion: I enjoyed MoS, but I understand why people hated it. I read some interesting comments on how people never talk about the core of the argument... that being if it was a true Superman/superhero movie. Regardless, this argue probably won't end for those reasons. Both sides attack each other: one saying they defend the film too much and the other saying attack the film too much.

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