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The PLAYBACK Collective have gone ahead and created a throwback trailer to the decade that gave us quite possibly the best cheesy horror movies ever. The trailer features all the great high notes of an old school trailer, from a creepy voice to ominous synth heavy music.

Watch it below and Make sure to have your lights on for it!

Here is what The PLAYBACK Collective had to say about their video.

"What if Lucio Fulci had gotten a hold of the script for "It Follows"? Wouldn't that been awesome? So I headed back to my Brooke Shields poster filled room not listening to what mom and dad had to say about me watching THOSE horror movies, warning me once again not to listen to Whitesnake, of course I didn't listen. I blasted my stereo, turned on my 1981 IBM PC and did my best create something totally rad that people would enjoy.

Paying homage to the greatest 80's horror trailers out there this quick cut will make your blood run cold!"

You can check more of their videos here:


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