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Disney D23 didn't bring many surprises regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What's more, we've been told upfront that no trailer was going to debut. Regardless of our disappointment, it was understandable that Disney decided not to actually show any new footage (what makes sense with the marketing strategy it has followed since the first teaser debuted). For better or worse, we got some new images, however the big surprise was that the first The Force Awakens movie poster was unveiled and it was a big let down.

J.J. Abrams and Co have done an excellent job by providing us little excerpts of the upcoming new Star Wars film, nevertheless the movie poster doesn't live up to the hype of Episode VII. Moreover, prior to the release of the first The Force Awakens teaser many fan art posters made its way to the internet - some of those are definitely better than the Drew Struzan work. Here are some examples of what I'm saying.

Orlando Arcena

Artist Orlando Arcena isn't well known in showbiz, however he's done some really attractive works about certain movies (his Fantastic Four poster is way better than Trank's film). These two amazing posters, which he calls "vector sketches" due to the method employed, are so much enjoyable than the one that Disney exhibited last week.

Simon Delart

Wanna see something cool? Then surely you'll like Simon Delart's tribute to The Force Awakens. Delart's concept fluctuates between conceptual art and minimalism so that is why the outcome is so mesmerizing. Don't you think so?

Lazare Gvimradze

This one became a fan favorite ever since it surfaced on the internet. Lazare Gvimradze, like many other fan designers, took the classic elements that made the first Star Wars movie posters breathtaking. The concept is simplistic but conveys nostalgia and longs for good new things in The Force Awakens.

Marko Manev

Following his noir superhero movie poster series, Marko Manev applied the same technique to his The Force Awakens work. It conceptualizes Kylo Ren and infuses him with great power by glowing the character's silhouette.

It's expected that The Force Awakens will have some other posters but considering the poorly executed work of Drew Struzan in this teaser poster whatever will come next will surely be better. Besides, Struzan has delivered fascinating art pieces for the Star Wars saga before.

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