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No introduction here let's just get straight to it.

Jason Todd HATES!!!!!!!!!! The Joker.

Jason Todd hates Joker to his guts you hear me? He cannot stand the Joker for killing him and him being the evil piece of filth the Joker really is. For Jason Todd to become the Joker in the DCEU would not only be a insult to the character of Jason Todd but to Batman fans overall. And please you people out there who think Jason Todd is the Joker. Why would Jason become the very person who killed him and took him away from Batman? Makes no sense.

This only started because of the whole Arkham Knight is Jason Todd tortured by Joker crap.

Notice how this theory never came to light before Arkham Knight was released? The only reason why this idiotic theory came to fruition is because in the Arkhamverse, Joker never killed Jason Todd but tortured him and screwed up his mind to make him hate Batman. So people think that Joker brainwashed Jason Todd and made him create a new persona, The Joker. But you know what destroys that whole theory? JASON TODD IN ARKHAM KNIGHT STILL HATED THE JOKER AND DID NOT BECOME A NEW JOKER. Just because Jason was brainwashed and tortured in Arkham Knight and had a J branded in his face doesn't mean he has love for the Joker or who he is as a person. In Arkham Knight there is clearly dialogue that states he still has disgust for the Joker and what he did to him.

The Letter

Another thing people claim is that Joker/Jason Todd sent him this letter out of hate and anger. People also claim that Jason Todd would be the only person that knows who Batman really is and that Jason Todd has somehow someway become the new Joker. Also stating that Joker doesn't know who Batman really is under the mask and couldn't have sent that letter because he doesn't care for Bruce Wayne at all. Well first of all there have been comic books were the Joker does know who Batman really is but he just doesn't care to expose it. Secondly why does Jason have to be the new Joker to send that letter why can't he be Red Hood? So this holds no water at all really.

Major backlash by fans.

WB/DC aren't idiots ok. There not gonna got through with this decision knowing damn well that they are going to receive major backlash from fans and critics alike. Also it looking like David Ayer and Zack Snyder are sticking close to source material so i think this whole Jason Todd/ Joker crap is thrown out the window.

Read comics and know logic.

This meme speaks a thousand words.

Harley Quinn and Joker most likely have had prior history before Jason's death.

Joker and Harley Quinn more than likely have had prior history before Jason Todd death. Rumors suggest that there a rift in there relationship because Harley felt Joker was wrong for killing former robin Jason Todd. From the set photo above it seems accurate according to the rumor that was released. Also adding there was a set photo that looked like Batman was undercover watching the two fight and him wanting to capture Joker for what he did to Jason. Here the photo.

So yeah that explains alot.

Joker Tattoos.

Many people point to the tattoos that Jason Todd has now become the new Joker, well let me squash this again. Joker is a very sick minded person and would more than likely tattoo himself in very sick writing and such. And with the whole robin on his arm that more than likely a reminder to him to show what damage he did to Batman and to what he accomplished. Also set pictures show Jared Leto's Joker still having the tattoos which was more than likely a flashback scene being filmed. So you know that squashes that theory right there immediately. And why can't people accept this whole new Joker look and immediately say it someone else, people deal with it, it a new Joker look why can't you all accept that.

There no reason.

There simply no reason for Jason Todd to become the Joker at all other than some weird kind of fan service or people not accepting the Joker new look. WB wants to make money and there not gonna make a decision like this that could potentially receive lots of backlash and tons of money, they just won't do it. It would not only ruin the Jason Todd character but the Joker character overall.

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