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Finally, after three seasons of waiting, Oliver Queen is set to become the Green Arrow. The new name was confirmed at San Diego Comic Con, along with an epic new suit, and fans are thrilled to finally be able to put the days of "The Hood" and "The Arrow" behind them.

Now, we've had another official name change confirmed, as Paul Blackthorne (who plays Quentin Lance) posted this photo to Instagram earlier today.

As you can see, the name on that police badge is no longer "Starling City" but "Star City"... just as it appears in the comics.

This is a change that we've been waiting for since the beginning of Season Three, when it was teased by Ray Palmer in his (successful) bid to take over Oliver's Company.

While he never actually said the name "Star City", it appears at the end of his presentation, which you can see in this clip from Season 3, Episode 1: The Calm.

Here, Ray reveals that his plans for Queen Consolidated are far bigger than just increasing profits - he intends to revamp the entire city, new name and all. Clearly, in the months between seasons, Palmer has found a way to convince City Hall to buy into his vision for a new Starling, changing the name to try and bring people (and money) back to the area.

Some fans have wondered why the writers for the show didn't just start with Star City, but I'm actually thrilled to see it play out this way.

For one thing, this addresses one of the oldest questions in comic books; if these cities (Gotham, Central City, Metropolis) are constantly being attacked by supervillains and alien beings, why do people keep living there?

Clearly the various "attacks" on Starling City have started to affect the economy, as many people decide to head somewhere just a little bit safer. While a name change isn't really anything more than cosmetic, it's actually quite realistic. Many cities have run campaigns just like this to convince people and businesses to move into the less popular areas, and as an attempt to make people view Starling differently, this makes sense. It's amazing to see a comic book adaptation addressing this issue, and using Ray Palmer to do it.

I'm also thrilled to see that we'll be getting a little more of Ray Palmer and Palmer Technologies (the new name for Queen Consolidated). This company used to have a much bigger role in the show, whereas recently we have been seeing it solely as a background for Ray's work on his ATOM suit (and occasionally as a useful place to borrow a plane).

With Ray getting a much bigger role in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, I'm happy to see more of him as a scientist and a businessman, as well as ATOM (or an angle of a love triangle).

Finally, this has some interesting implications for the political climate in Starling, sorry, Star City.

We've seen the people of the city hate the Arrow, and we've seen them love the Arrow. Usually, our barometer for this feeling has been Quentin Lance, whether he is issuing a warrant for the arrest of the vigilante, or publicly announcing support for him. At the end of Season Three, he's definitely not a fan of Oliver Queen, and I doubt that this attitude will have changed in the meantime.

While Oliver himself is away, there's now a whole band of superheroes in town (including his own daughter), and the police force is presumably a little less than thrilled about it. Cool costumes aside, Diggle and his team are taking the law into their own hands, and that doesn't make the force look particularly good (or capable). We know that there will be an anti-vigilante task force in this new season, so I'm assuming that this re-vamped city image will include a crackdown on vigilante justice.

We'll have to wait and see what other changes are planned for Season Four of the hit show, but I'm sure that this image change for the city is going to have repercussions for Team Arrow throughout the series. Perhaps this is why Oliver Queen decides to re-vamp his name as well? A new Arrow for a new Starling...

Arrow Returns to The CW October 7th


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